In Fire Forged – Worlds of Honor #5

It’s been awhile since I touched on the “Good Reading Material” topic and I just finished the latest Honoverse anthology book In Fire Forged so here is a review of that book.

First there has been grumbling among Honorverse fans about the length of the book being too short and not enough short stories in it (and no Treecat stories) to compensate for the $15 Hardcover price. Now that begs the question is it true?  To answer that I went back and looked at the four previous anthology books to see how many short stories were in them and while doing that I counted two other categories: Treecat stories and Technical pieces.

Up first we have the original anthology book “More Than Honor” (which strangely doesn’t provide the series name to the anthology series). In this book there where a total of just 3 short stories with only 1 of them a Treecat story (A Beautiful Friendship) and there was a rather large and in depth technical background piece on the Honorverse at the end of the book.

The second book “Worlds of Honor” (which did provide the name for the anthology series, so that Worlds of Honor is actually Worlds of Honor #2. No! Don’t try and reason for that path just leads to madness) has 5 short stories and of which 2 of those is Treecat stories. There is also no technical pieces in this book.

The third book “Changer of Worlds” has 4 short stories in it and 1 of those a Treecat story. There is also no technical pieces in the book.

The fourth book “The Service to the Sword” has 6 short stories in it, none of which is a treecat story and there was no technical pieces in it. Read more of this post

Becareful What You Ask For – You Just Might Get It!

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller on C-SPAN complained about the criticism that NPR is biased in favor of liberals and Democrats. She  then asked for specific stories and evidence that they are such. She also concluded that it is only a perception that NPR is biased. You can watch it yourself here where it was uploaded to Youtube on Mar 7th:

Well she got what she asked for, when the guy that pulled the stings on ACORN and brought them down struck at NPR and put out this video on Mar 8th:

In it two people went under cover as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group looking to donate 5 million to NPR. In the following video the NPR executives showed their anti-semitic hatred and their hatred and smearing of the Tea Party.  They blatantly state that Democrats and Liberals are an intellectual elite and that unfortunately that there is not enough of them.

Basically this guy just confirmed everything conservatives have said that liberals believe, is true. They think that they are superior to everyone else and that they should be in charge. Hmm, where have we heard things like that before? For those that are slow on the uptake start looking up the terms Progressive and Eugenics in the 1920’s and see where that leads you to.

Also it showed that Vivian Schiller lied about how NPR needed federal tax payer funds, in the video the NPR execs stated they didn’t need those funds.

Now that Vivian has been caught out, it is time to pay the price:

NPR board ousts CEO Vivian Schiller in wake of video sting

Vivian Schiller, the President and CEO of National Public Broadcasting, announced her resignation on Wednesday after an undercover camera caught then-NPR Vice President Ron Schiller (no relation) calling the tea party ‘racist’ and disclosing that the organization could survive without government funds. According to NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik, the NPR board “ousted” Vivian Schiller from her position.

Read more:

I wonder if the execs at the other liberal biased media outlets will pay attention about how NPR got taken down? Nah, that doesn’t fit their narrative of how the world works and will probably fall for the same sting on them. Hey look at how other liberals in ACORN and Planned Parenthood keep falling for the pimp with the underage , illegal alien prostitutes sting.

What Happens When You Don’t Allow Criticism

Back when Rep. Giffords was shot the Progressives and their allies in the Left Stream Media tried to portray Sarah Palin, the people that make up the various Tea Parties and Conservatives in general as the cause of the shooting. They tried to portray that the criticism of the government from right as the cause of the violence. They have also tried to portray the Right as Fascists and Nazi’s. Don’t believe me go look up the signs that the progressive carried when they protested against President Bush and now against Gov Walker in Wisconsin. Let’s overlook the hypocritical fact that these same Progressives that decried criticism of the Obama administration as leading to violence, had criticized the government under President Bush and are criticizing the state government of Wisconsin under Gov Walker (both Republicans don’tcha know) without one iota of concern that it will lead to violence. Instead let’s first look at some history and apply it to today.

You see today is an anniversary. An anniversary of the execution of three college students named Sophia, Hans and Christoph. These students committed the ghastly crime of handing out leaflets on campus of their university.

Were they calling for armed insurrection? No.

How about the persecution of some minority? No.

No, what they were guilty of and executed for was criticizing the government. You know what the Progressives say that Conservatives shouldn’t be allowed to do.

Oh you want to know what government executed those students for criticizing it? Why the Nazi’s of course. The Progressives just like the Nazi’s just can’t abide being criticized for there policies and actions.

Today marks an anniversary of true bravery for the cause of liberty. On February 22, 1943, Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and Christoph Probst were executed by guillotine in Munich, Germany. Their crimes? Anonymously distributing leaflets criticizing the German government at the University of Munich. They were members of the White Rose, an underground student group that should inspire every American who loves the cause of liberty.

This is where the Progressive Ideal of no criticism leads, to state (government) sponsored murder of students. Remember which side of this debate is for the expansion of not only the size of government but the power of it as well and which one doesn’t want you to criticize the government when it is in power: The Left , the Progressives.

To learn more of the state murdered students click the link provided.

Unicorns and Fairy Dust

While watching the MSM coverage of what has been happening in Egypt, it has become very clear that the vast majority of the people commenting believe in Unicorns and Fairy Dust.

Why do I say this? For the simple reason that these people go to such logical contortions, including distorting history, to down play the fact that there is only two organized groups in Egypt: Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The final outcome from all this is and almost always was a binary solution set. There was a chance last week, up till around last Wednesday, when the protests first started for the US government to get ahead of this while the MB was caught off guard by the protest and yes they were caught off guard. At that time the Obama administration had two choices:

  1. Keep their mouths basically shut and not criticize the Mubarak government, you known like they did when there was the protests in Iran back in 2009. That’s right Obama and his gang did not announce support for the protesters, but neither did he say anything against the Iranian government. Basically he washed his hands of the thing and let it all play out. The outcome was foregone at that point, the mullahs were always willing to kill mass quantities of its own people and the Iranian Army allowed it tho happen. Remember it was special “security forces” that did the deed in Iran while the Army stood by and watched. (Hmm does that last line sound familiar)
  2. Call Mubarak and tell him that he needs to have US run open elections, but not then in September as they were scheduled and let the Pro-democracy protesters know that the US was going to run the election not Mubarak who rigged the last couple of elections. At that time it would have given the Pro-democracy protesters what they wanted : Free Elections and allowed them to form secular opposition groups which really doesn’t exist right now. Right now there is only one large opposition groups is the MB and an immediate election that is not rigged, no matter who runs it will lead to the MB taking over.

Instead the Obama admin did neither, they dithered and let the MB get its act together, so that one week later when they finally got around to most of option two, it was too late. The MB had a week to start forming alliances and getting its members out in the streets. That is why over the weekend the demonstrations in Cairo got so big and why there had started to be more violence: The MB trying to provoke the Army into an incident.

Also Mr. ElBaradei that a lot of the MSM is trying to push forward as the guy to take over is nothing more than a MB mouthpiece at this point. He has given interviews in Der Spiegel trying to down play the history of the MB (father of Hamas and Al Qeada). I have even seen one report that six months ago he struck a deal with the MB to run for President in the scheduled September elections against Mubarak. In case you have been asleep this last week the MB back ELBarradei last Friday and he stated that any government that replaces Mubarak MUST include the MB.

However there is three MSM meme’s I want to address specifically:

  1. Egypt is too secular for a Islamist organization to take over there.
  2. The ties to the Egyptian Army the US has is such that we can put pressure on them to do what we want.
  3. The Muslim Brotherhood only has 20% representation, they can’t take over.

If you believe any of those three meme’s you have been snorting the Fairy Dust you also believe in and here is why: Read more of this post

I Wonder How Long Until Duptnik Tries to Blame Palin For This?

Some how, some way the Left and their favorite Sheriff is going to try and blame Palin for this:

Pima County Sheriff’s Department copter crashes near Tucson

TUCSON — Four people have been injured in the crash Monday of a Pima County Sheriff’s Department helicopter on a mountain northwest of Tucson.

/Sarc on

I know it was the cross-hairs map, it caused some mentally unstable person that has never seen it to shoot down the copter. I know, I know not one shred of facts are in yet, but the heated rhetoric in Arizona and the country caused this.

/Sarc off

Waving The Bloody Shirt

It’s amazing, a week after the shooting in Tuscon and the NYT is still trotting out the meme that hate speech is something that comes from the right. You can clearly see this from this column here:

I have written about violent rhetoric before, and I’m convinced that it’s poisonous to our politics, that the preponderance of it comes from the right, and that it has the potential to manifest in massacres like the one in Tucson.

Which just goes to show that like most other liberals out there, they have an utter lack of knowledge of history and are too lazy to use Google to find this out. You see, historically, the political speech was much more vitriolic and hateful in our country’s past then today and it actually did inspire violence. Matter of fact what we saw happen with the Tuscon shooting is something named for Civil War era politics: Waving the Bloody Shirt.

In the history of the United States, “waving the bloody shirt” refers to the practice of politicians referencing the blood of martyrs or heroes to criticize opponents. In American history, the phrase gained popularity with a factitious incident in which Benjamin Franklin Butler of Massachusetts, when making a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, allegedly held up a shirt stained with the blood of a carpetbagger whipped by the Ku Klux Klan.[1] (While Butler did give a speech condemning the Klan, he never waved anyone’s bloody shirt.[2])

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Do You Remember The First Book You Ever Bought?

I still remember the First Book I ever bought, it was King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry. I bought that book way back in the 6th grade in 1977/8 and the reason I remember it is because I still got it. I stumbled over the thing while going through the clutter in the attic while getting the Christmas decorations out. I opened this one box and went through it and there it was and even after 30+ years the book is in good shape. So after finding it I sat down and started reading it, probably for the first time since I left middle school, and did it bring back memories. I remember how the schools back then would hand out these forms that had little stamps of the different books, and what you would do was tear the stamps off and affix the to the form, fill the form out and then place it with a check from your parents into the envelope provided. You would then take the envelope back to school with you and give it to your teacher. From there you would wait for something like 4 to 8 weeks to get the books you ordered. I wonder do schools even do that anymore, try to get students to buy books and read? Read more of this post

Let it Snow!

The Eastern Shore of Maryland around Ocean City doesn’t typically get a lot of snow during winter, due to the fact that the storm tracks usually bring warmer air and moisture from the Gulf Stream over this area. Areas further west usually get the snow, we get rain. In this area 3 inches of snow being fore-casted brings out the panic buying of milk & bread. The roads typically get closed since the state doesn’t have enough equipment to keep anything but the most major of highways open. Last year we had back to back major snow storms that each dumped a foot plus on the area and this storm is doing the same. Winds are whipping out, there is already a good 6-8 inches on the ground and it is still falling as can be seen clearly in the accompanying photos:

The second picture was taken no more then 15 mins after I cleared a pathway out for our 4wd Escape in case of emergency’s and you can see it is already rapidly filling back in. Boy what fun it’s going to be to clear this mess out when it’s all said and done.

People Don’t Kill People, Candy Canes Do!

No this is not a joke, at least to one public school in the state of Virginia:

Skylar Torbett, also a junior, said administrators told him, “They said the candy canes are weapons because you can sharpen them with your mouth and stab people with them.” He said neither he nor any of their friend did that.

I came across this while perusing Instapundit ( ), which led to the main article where you learn that a group of 10 students known as the “Christmas Sweater Club” was handing out 2 inch candy canes to their fellow students before school started . From there the Commissar Principal of the school makes the usual noises about punishing these vile hoodlums that handout dangerous weapons to the impressionable young. However it looks more like the usual of discriminating against those that try to enjoy the Christmas season:

Mother Kathleen Flannery said an administrator called her and explained “not everyone wants Christmas cheer. That suicide rates are up over Christmas, and that they should keep their cheer to themselves, perhaps.”

You can read the full article here:

Pictures of the Lunar Eclipse

I decided to stay up and get pictures of the Lunar Eclipse and I’ll be updating in according to a chart about the phases of the eclipse I saw here: and with any good shots I can find.

First Photos are from around 12:30 am EST

NOTE: Click on photos to get full size pictures.

The second batch is from around 1:15 am EST

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