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Growing Your Own Veggies

The inspiration for this post is from a post by EM Smith aka ChiefIO:

FWIW, last night it was in the 40′s F on my patio. Well below “tomato fruit set” temperature minimums. No tomato for that hamburger just yet… The good news is that the sky is clear and the sun is bright today, so it’s still a great day to be out and about.

The La Nina event that is just starting to end has made it a little hard for people on the west coast to get their gardens in, however that same event has made it a pretty good spring for gardening where I live. For whatever reason the severe weather plaguing the country east of the Mississippi river has passed us by. Yes April and early May was a tad on the cool side but the temps have picked up nicely (Mid 80’s this past week) and unlike other eastern states we didn’t have floods from melting snow or the big thunderstorms.

With the weather cooperating and the rising prices of food I reached back to my childhood for what we did then to stretch our budgets: Plant a garden. Unlike back then there is less ground available for planting but also there is less mouths to feed. On top of that unlike my childhood home this house has a nice big deck, with nice long lengths of railing to put planter boxes on. Yes you can grow your own veggies in planter boxes, so for those that live in apartments that have balcony’s you too can grow your own veggies with some restrictions. We also invested in a small 6′ x 8′ greenhouse and hopefully that will extend my growing season for the veggies that can be grown in planters and pots.

So to help EM out since he can’t see his own veggies growing here is some of mine 🙂

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