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Hurricane Irene

This post will be updated as long as I have power/connection

Well the first major effects from Irene have reached where I live west of Ocean City, MD. The wind has picked up and the rain is starting to come down hard:

I’ll be updating with more pictures as long as I can.

Here is a screencap via of the Dover AFB Doppler Radar:

You can see the band that went through Ocean City area is now North and West and as the screencap shows is going through the Rehoboth Beach area. The NWS has reported that it might have spawned a tornado in the Rehoboth Beach area.

Also as you can see in the screencap right now Ocean City is sitting in a lull , but there is another band coming through shortly:

The above picture was taken at Noon during the lull.

As you can see from the above screencap the next band is moving in so it’s a wait and see to find out what it delivers.

Here is what we are getting from this band:

Keep in mind these photos are all on the side of the house NOT facing into the wind. Luckily we are about to get another break according to the Dover radar:

I made a short video of what the conditions were like at about 4pm EST:

It’s easier to see how strong the winds and rain are in it.

Here is a video of how strong things got just before the band moved out:

In this video you can see that one of the trees lost it’s top and can be seen on the ground next to the small white shed.

As you can see right now Ocean City is catching a break rain wise but the wind is picking up.