Since When Is An Increase In the Jobless Rate A Sign Of Job Growth?

Today I went and opened up my browser and being the old stick in the mud I am, I still have MSN set as my homepage. Hey what can I say it’s a great way to shake off that sleepy feeling first thing in the morning by seeing the lunacy from MSNBC. As an example of this take a look at this picture and caption from MSN:

Now look at that the US economy revs up job growth and that we have an a bigger than expected rise in jobs created.

Ok I got a question: If that is all true then explain to me how the jobless rate went up to 9% ?

You see, if the jobless rate went up that means you LOST more jobs than you CREATED. That in turn means there is no job growth.

Note to MSNBC: We know you’re in the tank for Obama, but you shouldn’t be so obvious about trying to spin to make the economy look like it is recovering when it is tanking

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