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The Southeast US Has Been Cooling For 115 Years

Here we go again. Whenever there is an outbreak of severe WEATHER, the global warmists try and tie it to “Climate Change”.

First for them WEATHER is not CLIMATE, but even if you could tie  them togethers the facts do not support their assertion that it is getting warmer and causing these outbreaks.

Look at where these Tornadoes occurred: The Southeast US (Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and the Carolinas).

What the warmists are trying to do is tie the long term trend in the Global Temperature Anomaly (GTA) to a regional phenomena, instead of looking at what the long term trend in the regional temperatures are. According to NOAA/NCDC the Southeast US is in a a long term cooling trend:

Now yo can clearly see in this screen shot of NOAA/NCDC’s own information that the long term trend of 115 years is a cooling one. You can also see that this region cycles: From about 190 to about the mid 1930’s it warmed, from then until the mid 70’s it cooled, from there to recently it warmed again. However in the last couple of  years (2007 and on) it has been getting cooler again.

This clearly shows that where the tornadoes occurred the surface air temperature has NOT been warming but cooling.


Do It Yourself Vinyl Planter Boxes

UPDATE: I finally got around taking pictures of the boxes and you can see them at the end of the post.

Have you ever wanted to buy one of those nifty vinyl planter boxes or window boxes that look something like this:|0&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_Planter_4294833336%2B4294867249_40_s%3FNs%3Dp_product_price|0%26Ntt%3Dplanter%2Bbox%26page%3D3&facetInfo=Plastic|Planter

Looks great, doesn’t rot and can be painted the color you want.

Yeah I know the problem is the price tag of over $91 for just one of them.

Well my mother wanted to buy and put some boxes onto her raised deck so that she could have some color on that side of her house. This deck sits about 5.5 ft  up off the ground with a crawl space underneath with lattice-work enclosing that crawl space. Up on the deck she has a collapsible screen porch she puts up each summer that has her deck furniture. When you look out the long side of it you see the deck rail, then the next door neighbor’s house. So a couple of planters attached to the deck would make a nice addition.

Now I’m not the worlds greatest handyman but I knew I could make something decent for her at a fraction of what it would cost her to buy four of those boxes, So off to Lowes  and Home Depot I went and got the materials I needed. I was able to make four (4)  30″L x 5.75″w x 9.25″D boxes. Read more of this post

Corporate Taxes?

Something that alot of people, especially those on the left, espouse in this debate over state and federal budgets is that we need to close “Corporate Tax” loopholes and raise their rates. The people that espouse that either do not understand how business works or they are deliberately trying to mislead people. Here is the dirty little secret about “Corporate taxes”: The money to pay those taxes comes from you the consumer not from the corporations or the “rich” people that own stock in them. You close the so called “loopholes” or raise those rates and all you did was ensure that everything you buy just went up in price, costing you more money. To put it bluntly a corporate tax is nothing more then a VAT once removed.

Here is how things work people:

For a business to stay “in business” they must take in more revenue then they pay out, this  is called a profit margin. The profit margin must be high enough that the people that invested in that company (stockholders) get a return (divided or increase in stock price) they feel is high enough to compensate for their investing (risking the loss of ) money in that corporation.

Now lets put this in simple terms using the largest completely private employer in the world, Wal-Mart, as the example. Read more of this post