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Libya Is Not Obama’s Iraq Moment – It’s His Bosnia Moment

Everyone keeps comparing Obama’s military adventure to Iraq and while it is fun it is not the true comparison everyone should be looking at: Clinton’s bombing of the Serbs in 1995 is.

The 1995 NATO bombing in Bosnia and Herzegovina (code-named by NATO Operation Deliberate Force) was a sustained air campaign conducted by the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization to undermine the military capability of the Army of the Republika Srpska which threatened and attacked UN-designated “safe areas” in Bosnia. The operation was carried out between 30 August and 20 September 1995, involving 400 aircraft and 5000 personnel from 15 nations. The operation was commanded by admiral Leighton W. Smith.[2]


The air campaign was key to pressure on Milošević’s Yugoslavia to take part in negotiations that resulted in the Dayton Peace Agreement reached in November 1995.[10

He’s hoping for the same success that Clinton got  just prior and during the 1995 Government Shutdowns: Read more of this post


In Fire Forged – Worlds of Honor #5

It’s been awhile since I touched on the “Good Reading Material” topic and I just finished the latest Honoverse anthology book In Fire Forged so here is a review of that book.

First there has been grumbling among Honorverse fans about the length of the book being too short and not enough short stories in it (and no Treecat stories) to compensate for the $15 Hardcover price. Now that begs the question is it true?  To answer that I went back and looked at the four previous anthology books to see how many short stories were in them and while doing that I counted two other categories: Treecat stories and Technical pieces.

Up first we have the original anthology book “More Than Honor” (which strangely doesn’t provide the series name to the anthology series). In this book there where a total of just 3 short stories with only 1 of them a Treecat story (A Beautiful Friendship) and there was a rather large and in depth technical background piece on the Honorverse at the end of the book.

The second book “Worlds of Honor” (which did provide the name for the anthology series, so that Worlds of Honor is actually Worlds of Honor #2. No! Don’t try and reason for that path just leads to madness) has 5 short stories and of which 2 of those is Treecat stories. There is also no technical pieces in this book.

The third book “Changer of Worlds” has 4 short stories in it and 1 of those a Treecat story. There is also no technical pieces in the book.

The fourth book “The Service to the Sword” has 6 short stories in it, none of which is a treecat story and there was no technical pieces in it. Read more of this post

Becareful What You Ask For – You Just Might Get It!

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller on C-SPAN complained about the criticism that NPR is biased in favor of liberals and Democrats. She  then asked for specific stories and evidence that they are such. She also concluded that it is only a perception that NPR is biased. You can watch it yourself here where it was uploaded to Youtube on Mar 7th:

Well she got what she asked for, when the guy that pulled the stings on ACORN and brought them down struck at NPR and put out this video on Mar 8th:

In it two people went under cover as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group looking to donate 5 million to NPR. In the following video the NPR executives showed their anti-semitic hatred and their hatred and smearing of the Tea Party.  They blatantly state that Democrats and Liberals are an intellectual elite and that unfortunately that there is not enough of them.

Basically this guy just confirmed everything conservatives have said that liberals believe, is true. They think that they are superior to everyone else and that they should be in charge. Hmm, where have we heard things like that before? For those that are slow on the uptake start looking up the terms Progressive and Eugenics in the 1920’s and see where that leads you to.

Also it showed that Vivian Schiller lied about how NPR needed federal tax payer funds, in the video the NPR execs stated they didn’t need those funds.

Now that Vivian has been caught out, it is time to pay the price:

NPR board ousts CEO Vivian Schiller in wake of video sting

Vivian Schiller, the President and CEO of National Public Broadcasting, announced her resignation on Wednesday after an undercover camera caught then-NPR Vice President Ron Schiller (no relation) calling the tea party ‘racist’ and disclosing that the organization could survive without government funds. According to NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik, the NPR board “ousted” Vivian Schiller from her position.

Read more:

I wonder if the execs at the other liberal biased media outlets will pay attention about how NPR got taken down? Nah, that doesn’t fit their narrative of how the world works and will probably fall for the same sting on them. Hey look at how other liberals in ACORN and Planned Parenthood keep falling for the pimp with the underage , illegal alien prostitutes sting.