What Happens When You Don’t Allow Criticism

Back when Rep. Giffords was shot the Progressives and their allies in the Left Stream Media tried to portray Sarah Palin, the people that make up the various Tea Parties and Conservatives in general as the cause of the shooting. They tried to portray that the criticism of the government from right as the cause of the violence. They have also tried to portray the Right as Fascists and Nazi’s. Don’t believe me go look up the signs that the progressive carried when they protested against President Bush and now against Gov Walker in Wisconsin. Let’s overlook the hypocritical fact that these same Progressives that decried criticism of the Obama administration as leading to violence, had criticized the government under President Bush and are criticizing the state government of Wisconsin under Gov Walker (both Republicans don’tcha know) without one iota of concern that it will lead to violence. Instead let’s first look at some history and apply it to today.

You see today is an anniversary. An anniversary of the execution of three college students named Sophia, Hans and Christoph. These students committed the ghastly crime of handing out leaflets on campus of their university.

Were they calling for armed insurrection? No.

How about the persecution of some minority? No.

No, what they were guilty of and executed for was criticizing the government. You know what the Progressives say that Conservatives shouldn’t be allowed to do.

Oh you want to know what government executed those students for criticizing it? Why the Nazi’s of course. The Progressives just like the Nazi’s just can’t abide being criticized for there policies and actions.

Today marks an anniversary of true bravery for the cause of liberty. On February 22, 1943, Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and Christoph Probst were executed by guillotine in Munich, Germany. Their crimes? Anonymously distributing leaflets criticizing the German government at the University of Munich. They were members of the White Rose, an underground student group that should inspire every American who loves the cause of liberty.

This is where the Progressive Ideal of no criticism leads, to state (government) sponsored murder of students. Remember which side of this debate is for the expansion of not only the size of government but the power of it as well and which one doesn’t want you to criticize the government when it is in power: The Left , the Progressives.

To learn more of the state murdered students click the link provided.



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