Do You Remember The First Book You Ever Bought?

I still remember the First Book I ever bought, it was King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry. I bought that book way back in the 6th grade in 1977/8 and the reason I remember it is because I still got it. I stumbled over the thing while going through the clutter in the attic while getting the Christmas decorations out. I opened this one box and went through it and there it was and even after 30+ years the book is in good shape. So after finding it I sat down and started reading it, probably for the first time since I left middle school, and did it bring back memories. I remember how the schools back then would hand out these forms that had little stamps of the different books, and what you would do was tear the stamps off and affix the to the form, fill the form out and then place it with a check from your parents into the envelope provided. You would then take the envelope back to school with you and give it to your teacher. From there you would wait for something like 4 to 8 weeks to get the books you ordered. I wonder do schools even do that anymore, try to get students to buy books and read?

Anyway that brought about the memory that besides that book I also bought a second one, which of course just happened to be Misty of Chincoteague also by Marguerite Henry ( Hey what can I say I grew up in an area were horses were raised for Dressage and the other types of equestrian events you see in the Olympics, hell alot of the US Olympians train and live in the area I grew up in) and sure enough after digging around I found that one too. It also reminded me of all the extra chores I had to do to earn those two books and it is probably why I still have them, they were special,they were not just given to me I earned them.

The other thing it made me think of was that of all the books I have bought over the years (somewhere between 2000-3000) most of them I can’t remember anything about them, however a few (even some that I have sold or donated) still remain with me. This led to the couple hundred I still got sitting on the shelf. The majority of them I have only read once and never picked up again but there is that core group that I read over and over again

You can still buy copies of these books in updated format or even some of the original ones from Amazon.

The one I got were of the original line with the original cover seen here:

Funny thing, I now live about 15 minutes from Assateague Island (The Island the wild Ponies in Misty of Chincoteague reside) and can go down to the park and see the ponies in their habitat:

Assateague’s Wild Horses

Many visitors first learn about the Assateague horses from Marguerite Henry’s famous book Misty of Chincoteague. The story takes place during a traditional Chincoteague festival called “Pony Penning.” On the last Wednesday of July, the Virginia herd of horses is rounded up and swum from Assateague Island to nearby Chincoteage Island. On the following day most of the young foals are auctioned off. Proceeds from the sale benefit the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department.

Learn more about the Wild Horses here:


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