Let it Snow!

The Eastern Shore of Maryland around Ocean City doesn’t typically get a lot of snow during winter, due to the fact that the storm tracks usually bring warmer air and moisture from the Gulf Stream over this area. Areas further west usually get the snow, we get rain. In this area 3 inches of snow being fore-casted brings out the panic buying of milk & bread. The roads typically get closed since the state doesn’t have enough equipment to keep anything but the most major of highways open. Last year we had back to back major snow storms that each dumped a foot plus on the area and this storm is doing the same. Winds are whipping out, there is already a good 6-8 inches on the ground and it is still falling as can be seen clearly in the accompanying photos:

The second picture was taken no more then 15 mins after I cleared a pathway out for our 4wd Escape in case of emergency’s and you can see it is already rapidly filling back in. Boy what fun it’s going to be to clear this mess out when it’s all said and done.


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