Pictures of the Lunar Eclipse

I decided to stay up and get pictures of the Lunar Eclipse and I’ll be updating in according to a chart about the phases of the eclipse I saw here: and with any good shots I can find.

First Photos are from around 12:30 am EST

NOTE: Click on photos to get full size pictures.

The second batch is from around 1:15 am EST

As you can see not much difference in those two batches, however in the next batch from around 1:33 am EST you start to see the moon starting to be blocked out in it’s upper left hand corner:

Here is the next batch at 2:00 am EST and you can clearly see the moon half way to being totally eclipsed:

The next set of photos started around 2:25 am EST and went through 2:43 am EST as the moon transitioned into the total eclipse.

Next 3 photos are from about 3:05 am EST, which is about 12 mins before the mid point of the moon be in total eclipse:

And here is 3 shots taken at the mid point of the total eclipse:

Here is a couple of shots taken at about 3:53 am EST as the Moon comes out of being totally eclipsed. Note that it looks like the top of the moon is what is clearing first:

There was three problems when taking these pictures:

1. It was cold out (29°F)

2. It was windy out.

3. The neighbor to the right of our house left his driveway lights on.

Problems one and two could have been easily handled if only the plastic that makes up the skylight in my bathroom was crystal clear:

If it had been clear I could have sat inside and taken the pictures through it 🙂

Well here is the final set I’m taking since it is now 4:15 am EST and the moon is just past the 75% eclipsed mark and heading to 50%.


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