The Religion of Peace

As shown on Skynews a video of a woman being whipped for a crime. What was her crime you ask? Wearing a pair of pants under her Islamic garb.

Here is a link to the video:!

Now bleeding heart libtards like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behr say that only Islamic extremists are terrorists and condone violence, but this video shows that is not the case. Not only does the government condone this stuff, they have a special police force that perpetrates this sickening violence. They draw a good crowd as they whip this woman and as shown it is great fun as one official laughs out loud on camera. So for all you Libtards out there get it through your heads: The ones you label as Islamic extremists are not the minority of the Islamic faith they are the majority and to them this is not extreme. This is what they want to do to every woman, in every country around the world.


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