Santa Cantalina Mystery Craft

For those that haven’t seen the news recently there was an object filmed by KCBS yesterday evening as the sunset that appears to be a missile. Now today the Pentagon has come out with a statement that it wasn’t a foreign missile and not a threat to the US but they don’t know what it is. The Air Force and the Navy both say they didn’t fire off a missile and have come out with the excuse that it’s an airplane.

Ok folks here is some obvious things that makes these statements completely BOGUS:

1. If it was an Aircraft that close to Los Angeles, Air Traffic Control at LAX would have had them on radar and it would have been confirmed to KCBS yesterday that is what it was.

2. If you don’t know what the object is how can you say it wasn’t foreign or a threat to the US?

3. If it was an accidental launch or a problem with any particular US Weapon System the Pentagon would try to cover it up as “just an aircraft, nothing to see here move along”.

Now I’m going to give two possible explanations for what it was, these are based on my knowledge from my Navy days, film of certain launches during the Gulf War and a possible message being sent by a foreign government.

1. It was a missile launch by a Chinese Submarine off the US coast as a message/warning to the US.

2. It was a launch from a US warship or from the US Gunnery Range and missile test facility south of Santa Catalina on San Clemente Island.

Why it could be the Chinese (the less likely explanation):

the Chinese want to take over the island of Taiwan. This is no kind of secret, it also isn’t any kind of secret that the only reason they haven’t done it yet is because of the US and possible US Military intervention. The Chinese as stated want that island, they are also not happy with us over recent economic policies by the US (remember they have already embargoed shipments of “rare earths” to the US). So how do you neutralize the US so you can take over Taiwan and possible influence further economic policies? Simple, sneak a sub near the US coast, pop off a missile and tell the US not to interfere when they make a move on Taiwan. Now will the US Government admit this? Hell no, so you get the plane excuse.

Why it could be an accidental Navy missile launch (most likely):

Just a few miles to the southwest of Santa Catalina is the Island of San Clemente where the Navy has a gunnery range and test fires Missiles

Navy base

The U.S. Navy acquired the island in 1934. It is the Navy’s only remaining ship-to-shore live firing range and is the center of the integrated air/land/sea San Clemente Island Range Complex covering 2,620 nm² (8,990 km2).

During World War II, The island was also used as a training ground for amphibious landing craft. These small to mid-sized ships were crucial to the island hopping that would be required to attack any of the islands occupied by the Japanese.

It is an active sonar base and has a $21 million simulated embassy for commando training.

There is also a U.S. Navy rocket-test facility on San Clemente. Some Polaris-program test rockets were launched from San Clemente between 1957 and 1960.

So is it hard to imagine that through mishap or through a fault in a ship board system onboard a US Navy ship exercising at the San Clemente Gunnery Range shot off one of their Tomahawk Cruise Missiles? Not hardly IMHO opinion. Or is it hard to iamgine that a launch of a new type of missile was fired from the Missile test facility and they don’t want to talk about it? Again not hardly IMHO. In both cases the Government wouldn’t want to talk about it. If it was a fault onboard US Navy ships that is not something they would want to advertise, nor a new missile. Ergo it’s just a plane, nothing to see here move along.


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