Are They Really That Stupid?

I ask that question after watching the Talking Heads and Dems fail basic logic over the last 2 days. I keep hearing how “so what if the Tea Party backed Republicans win the House and pick up seats in the Senate, Obama can still veto everything they do and then where will they be. The Tea Party will then turn against them”. Unfortunately for these talking Heads and the Dems that is not logical in progression. First let’s go back to why the Tea Party formed and what caused them to back conservatives Republicans: The Dems ignored what the voters wanted when they passed stimulus, Wall street Bailouts, Cap and Tax in the House, Obamacare with deem and pass. They did not get angry with the Republicans that voted against all those things but because the Dems had control of the House, a filibuster proof Senate and the President was not able to stop them.

See what that is: Go against the Voters they get angry with you, go with them even when you can’t stop the spending and they are not angry with you.

Now do the voters want the Bush Tax Breaks extended: Yes

Do they want Obamacare repealed: Yes

Do they want Government Spending Cut: Yes

Now lets say the Republicans in the House pass bills that does all that and it gets blocked by the Senate. Who do you think the voters are going to go after in 2012: The Republicans that listened to the voters in 2010 or the Dems that didn’t? Lets say that not only did it pass the House but also squeaked by the Senate and Obama vetos them. Who do you think the voters will go after: The Republicans that listened to the voters in 2010 or Obama and the Dems that didn’t?

If you say the Republicans you just failed basic logic and you did that even with the example of what happened in this election for those that went against the voters staring you in the face. If Obama and the Dems block and/or veto the bills the Republicans pass out of the House that have widespread voter support, Obama becomes a 1 term President and the 2012 election will be an even worse bloodbath for Dems then 2010 is.

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