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2010 Hottest Year Ever?

2010 is coming to a close at the end of this month, at least in a meteorological sense. You see for meteorological purposes the year ends at the end of November instead of December because December is the starting month for the winter season. So how is 2010 shaping up? Well according to most of the analysis 2010 will not be the Hottest Year on Record.

Figure 1

Here in Figure 1 we see the monthly anomalies for each of the analysis datasets. The reason it only goes back to 1979 is for two reasons, the first being 1979 is as far back as you can go for the satellite datasets and that for all of the datasets they have the Hottest Year on Record after 1979. As can be clearly seen the only dataset that has 2010 as the possible record year is the GISS analysis. Read more of this post


Santa Cantalina Mystery Craft

For those that haven’t seen the news recently there was an object filmed by KCBS yesterday evening as the sunset that appears to be a missile. Now today the Pentagon has come out with a statement that it wasn’t a foreign missile and not a threat to the US but they don’t know what it is. The Air Force and the Navy both say they didn’t fire off a missile and have come out with the excuse that it’s an airplane.

Ok folks here is some obvious things that makes these statements completely BOGUS:

1. If it was an Aircraft that close to Los Angeles, Air Traffic Control at LAX would have had them on radar and it would have been confirmed to KCBS yesterday that is what it was.

2. If you don’t know what the object is how can you say it wasn’t foreign or a threat to the US?

3. If it was an accidental launch or a problem with any particular US Weapon System the Pentagon would try to cover it up as “just an aircraft, nothing to see here move along”.

Now I’m going to give two possible explanations for what it was, these are based on my knowledge from my Navy days, film of certain launches during the Gulf War and a possible message being sent by a foreign government.

1. It was a missile launch by a Chinese Submarine off the US coast as a message/warning to the US.

2. It was a launch from a US warship or from the US Gunnery Range and missile test facility south of Santa Catalina on San Clemente Island. Read more of this post

The American Voter Sees RED

UPDATE: New updated map

How bad was it for the Democrats in this years House elections? Compare these two maps from Fox News:

House Pre-Election

House at 11:59 PM EST Election Day


House as of Nov 4th



I think that says it all right there.

Are They Really That Stupid?

I ask that question after watching the Talking Heads and Dems fail basic logic over the last 2 days. I keep hearing how “so what if the Tea Party backed Republicans win the House and pick up seats in the Senate, Obama can still veto everything they do and then where will they be. The Tea Party will then turn against them”. Unfortunately for these talking Heads and the Dems that is not logical in progression. First let’s go back to why the Tea Party formed and what caused them to back conservatives Republicans: The Dems ignored what the voters wanted when they passed stimulus, Wall street Bailouts, Cap and Tax in the House, Obamacare with deem and pass. They did not get angry with the Republicans that voted against all those things but because the Dems had control of the House, a filibuster proof Senate and the President was not able to stop them.

See what that is: Go against the Voters they get angry with you, go with them even when you can’t stop the spending and they are not angry with you.

Now do the voters want the Bush Tax Breaks extended: Yes

Do they want Obamacare repealed: Yes

Do they want Government Spending Cut: Yes

Now lets say the Republicans in the House pass bills that does all that and it gets blocked by the Senate. Who do you think the voters are going to go after in 2012: The Republicans that listened to the voters in 2010 or the Dems that didn’t? Lets say that not only did it pass the House but also squeaked by the Senate and Obama vetos them. Who do you think the voters will go after: The Republicans that listened to the voters in 2010 or Obama and the Dems that didn’t?

If you say the Republicans you just failed basic logic and you did that even with the example of what happened in this election for those that went against the voters staring you in the face. If Obama and the Dems block and/or veto the bills the Republicans pass out of the House that have widespread voter support, Obama becomes a 1 term President and the 2012 election will be an even worse bloodbath for Dems then 2010 is.

Another Problem with GISS Infilling?

Over on WUWT Steven Mosher has a very interesting post up about problems with the latitude and longitude that NCDC gives in it’s GHCN dataset. What he has found if that the coordinates given by NCDC for different temperature monitor stations are off and not just by a little bit, sometimes it’s by as much as 300km from their actual locations. He shows how this error is then transmitted from GHCN into the GISS analysis via the GISS nightlights adjustment for UHI. One example he shows is that the temperature station is at an airport out among the sands of a desert. Now this should cause GISS to find nightlights and also to list the station as airport, but it doesn’t. According to GISS that station comes up dark and is listed as desert. Why? Well the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) has the coords listed for the airport but GHCN has the coords 300km away in the middle of the desert with nothing surrounding it. This will obviously skew the numbers for that station in the GISS analysis,but how much is not known at the moment and we do not know how many other stations are incorrectly placed (some listed as dark when they should be lighted and vise versa) and how much the global numbers are affected. While I have tried to explain it adequately it is better to see the post it self which includes Google Earth shots that drive the point home before I move on to the next part. Here is the link to the post:

Now I didn’t read all the comments on WUWT yet but a thought occurred to me: If this error causes this problem in GISS could it cause another type of problem? My answer is yes.

Read more of this post