QB Controversy In Philly?

No matter what the talking heads on the networks say, no matter what Andy Reid or Mike Vick says the Philadelphia Eagles have a QB controversy. Before I lay everything out let it be known I have been a lifelong Eagles fan, I was born in Wilmington DE and grew up just outside Philly. Now here is why I believe there is a QB controversy: In 6 quarters the Vick led Offense has scored 52 points which averages out to 8.7 points per quarter, the Kolb led offense has got a whopping 3 points for an average of 1.5 pts per quarter and that is being generous. You see it was a huge run by Vick that set up that Akers field goal.

Now some might want to go “but Kolb only had 2 quarters you got to give him a chance he hasn’t played that much blah, blah, blah!” Sorry but that doesn’t wash for me for a couple of reasons:

  1. Kolb has been sitting on the bench for the last 3 years supposedly “learning” from McNabb (Kolb was drafted in 2007).
  2. Besides the start against the Packers he started 2 games last year and in 2008 played the entire second half of the Ravens game after McNabb got benched.
  3. Kolb didn’t beat McNabb out for the starting spot it was handed to him on a silver platter and was the uncontested #1 for the entire 2010 preseason

Here is why those things matter. Typically the Starter from the previous year loses his job in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. He gets released by the team so that a high draft pick, such as a first rounder that soaks up the dough, starts immediately to at most sitting for one year (see Mark Sanchez, Mathew Stafford)
  2. Either a free agent QB signed by the team or a lower level draft pick, such as a 3rd ROUNDER, beats him out for his job.

Neither of those things happened with Kolb. he never beat McNabb or even Vick to be #1 and he wasn’t a #1 draft pick either that the Eagles mortgage the future on when they picked him (that they did based on his great 1-1 record from last year). In 2007 I thought it was too early to pick a QB to replace McNabb, he had more years left in him, however they did, and then invested too much time and money into a 3rd round, 3rd year guy to not play him, which brings us back to Vick. Vick is playing like a vetern pro-bowl quarterback and to me has EARNED the starting spot, Kolb hasn’t. If Kolb had been drafted last year or this year and this happened their wouldn’t have been a controversy, you would just sit him back down and played Vick this year and try Kolb again next year. Since they drafted him in 2007 they should have had him be the starter in 2008 or 2009 and let McNabb go then, but the way they did it (too many years and a new contract to a guy that only started 2 games) has basically tied the Eagles to him and they will sink or swim with him this year. Vick will get a starting gig somewhere else next year no matter what. If Kolb stinks up the place the rest of the year, next year the Eagles will be either looking for a free agent QB or drafting a QB with their #1 pick. So Kolb’s future with the Eagles will be determined by the end of the Skins game on Oct 3 in the minds of the fans and probably in the minds of Laurie and Reid by the end of the Dallas game on Dec 12th. If the Eagles go below .500 this year expect a new QB in Philly.


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