The Legacy Of Gird

Just this past week I was able to obtain a copy of Legacy of Gird, which is a compilation of the two books (Surrender None and Liars Oath) that were printed after the three books in Deed of Paksenarrion which I reviewed here:

The books in Legacy of Gird take place chronologically before the Deed of Paksenarrion. The first book Surrender None is the telling of Gird’s life, his struggle to free his people from Tyrants and the act that made him a saint in the High Lord’s service.  The second book, Liars Oath, follows the character Luap introduced in Deed of Paksenarrion as Gird’s second in command. It chronicles his deeds from basically the time shortly before Gird’s death up until the time the “sleeping knights” that Paks and the others found in the fortress in Kolobia. So lets take them separately:

Surrender None can be read separately as a stand alone novel, you don’t need to read Deed to follow this book. However with that said you see how much the elves that told Paks that the Gird as told in her time by the Fellowship  is nothing like the real Gird and makes it a very interesting read in that context for readers of Deed. You truly get to see how a man that would love nothing better than to be able to farm his land peacefully and raise a family is pushed step by step into rebellion.

Liar’s Oath is a vastly different read then Surrender None. For those that have read Deed prior to this story (and Surrender None) know that the real Luap is nothing like the Luap of tale in Paks time and you can sense the coming train wreck. One of the things that delayed Paks from becoming a Paladin of Gird was because the story told in the “Official History” The Life of Gird made Gird out to be unbelievable. Turns out this was Luaps fault because he didn’t believe that by telling the plain truth about Gird, people in the future would not believe he was a true hero. He didn’t do this by accident but on purpose through scheming, including excluding that one of Gird’s Marshal’s was his own daughter. You also see how Luap’s scheming ended up causing the problems in Paks time between the Fellowship and the MageBorn. Turns out Girds dream of peace was the Mageborn and his people living side by side, but Luap separated them after Girds death. One positive thing that you find in this story is how two street urchins/orphans (one peasant and one mageborn) of Girds war against the Mageborn Lords, become first his adoptive children and then the first two Paladins.

Overall I place Surrender None as #3 on the list of the books in this series with Sheep Farmers Daughter being #1 and Oath of Gold being #2. Liars Oath comes in dead last behind the second book in Deed of Paksenarrion and the newest books in this universe Oath of Fealty (which I will talk about some other time)

Sidenote Keri Phelan as King of Lyona and Paks make two appearances in Liars Oath, which I won’t go into since it would spoil the surprise of why they are in it.


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