RINO’s, the GOP and the Tea Party

The Republican Senatorial primary in Delaware was a fascinating race and should be a wake up call to not just the GOP establishment but also to the Dems, however in less than 24 hrs the Dems have shown that they hit the snooze button and rolled back over.

Poll after Poll through the years has shown that the United States is a right of center nation, ie conservative. Self identified conservatives out number liberals, but have not historically been motivated to “get out the vote”, it takes something extraordinary to rouse them up. Carter in his bumbling over foreign policy during a recession (hmm sounds familiar) was one such time, Clinton and his wife Hillary during the first 2 years of his Presidency and their running roughshod over the will of the people (hmm sounds familiar) was another. Both times the President and his party angered the conservative majority enough to drive them to vote. Obama and his socialist agenda  is another such time and maybe this time both party’s will get the message finally through their thick skulls.

For the Dems: We will never become the Socialist Utopia that the Progressives in your party dream of. Every time you have tried this stunt you have gotten slapped down by the people. Eventually if you keep it up you will anger the majority enough that you guys will only be able to be elected in places like San Francisco and Berkley. You keep letting that Far left fringe setting your agenda and being the face of your part,y you will get the civil war in your party you think is happening now in  the Republican party for one very simple reason, something you still haven’t grasped about the Tea Party: The Tea Party isn’t just Republicans. That’s right Dems, there is Democrats in the Tea Party that have watched the far left fringe take over and are pissed. That anger at your actions has been expressed through their involvement in the Tea Party. You guys have been trying the “ignore it and it will go away” strategy for over a year and the problem isn’t getting better for you is it? That’s because hiding your head in the sand only makes it easier for people to kick your ass, not solve your problems. So until you clean the fringe out you will continue to get your ass kicked. If you don’t clean house well your party will fracture leaving you as a rump party of die hard progressives that are just too yellow to call themselves red.

For the Republicans: You also keep forgetting this is a conservative country and keep hauling RINO’s out as if they are something special. Hate to break the news to you but they have been what has cost the GOP elections for the White House. Your compromises to get their votes in the Congress has caused you to enact policies that have gotten you voted out. Why vote for a progressive in RINO clothing when you can have the real thing at less cost? And yes a RINO is worse then having a progressive Dem in any particular Senate or House Seat, especially when you have a socialist President and this is something the GOP establishment like Karl Rove can’t or won’t comprehend. They like to put out that someone like O’Donnel is unelectable and we needed Castle in that seat, now we will have one less (R) Senator. Now here is where Rove just can’t seem to grasp what that means in the real world even when someone points it out to him. Using Rove’s own example of a vote coming down to 1 Senator lets not just look at Castle as a Republican by himself, let put him into context. First lets assume that the bill is something like Cap and Tax and the vote comes down to this Delaware Senatorial seat. If the vote is Yea Obama gets his Job killing bill passed, if Nay it dies the death it deserves. So lets look at 3 scenarios and how things work out and why a RINO in that seat is the worst thing in the world;

Scenario 1: A lib-prog Dem holds the seat.

We know that the Lib-prog will help out his fellow travelers (of course after trying to extort plenty of pork for himself/herself out of it) and vote Yea. Thus giving the Dems a party line victory, like they pulled basically, on healthcare and guaranteeing that Obama is a one term President and Conservative majorities in both houses in 2014 as the GOP can run around see you should have voted in that conservative.

Scenario 2: A conservative holds the seat.

We know that a conservative will vote Nay thus ensuring the death of the bill, thus giving you something to use in 2014 against the Dems: “We saved you from the Dems Cap and Tax jobs killing bill and if you put a conservative in the White House along with majorities in both chambers of Congress we will get rid of that socialist Obamacare  bill”.

Scenario 3: A RINO holds the seat.

After getting more pork kickbacks then a Lib Prog would the RINO showing his true colors votes Yea on the bill. What happens after that is not pretty:

A. You just gave Obama the Bi-partisanship fig leaf he so desperately needs to hide behind. I can see it now:  “This Bi-partisan bill signals…”

B. You will then have finger pointing and bickering within the party with the civil war that the Dems want to see as the Young Guns in the party start coming after the Establishment big time. The MSM will start circling and just about guarantee an Obama second term as you will try to trot out a Prog light RINO as the Presidential canidate.

C. You will have completely pissed off the conservative voters as they turn away from you in droves and when you come pleading to them for support they will rightly point to the knife your RINO planted in their collective backs.You will then crystallize the Tea Party Movement into a separate party turning the GOP into a Rump party, fighting with the far left Rump of the Dems for the Lib Prog vote.

Think it can’t happen? Go back and study history and how Abraham Lincoln became President, turning  the Whig party into a dying rump and catapulting a then small  Republican party into ascendancy.

In late 1854, Lincoln decided to run as a Whig for an Illinois seat in United States Senate (which was at that time elected by the state legislature.)[80] After leading in the first six rounds of voting in the Illinois assembly, once his support began to dwindle, Lincoln instructed his backers to vote for Lyman Trumbull who thus defeated the pro Kansas-Nebraska candidate Joel Aldrich Matteson.[81] The Whigs had been irreparably split by the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Lincoln said, “I think I am a Whig, but others say there are no Whigs, and that I am an abolitionist, even though I do no more than oppose the extension of slavery.” Drawing on remnants of the old Whig party, and on disenchanted Free Soil, Liberty, and Democratic party members, he was instrumental in forging the shape of the new Republican Party.[82] At the Republican convention in 1856, Lincoln placed second in the contest to become the party’s candidate for Vice-President.[83]


Between 1854 and 1856 the Republicans were very much like the Tea Party of today that became the dominate political party from the time of the Civil War until the Great Depression. Just like the Tea Party they came together over basically one issue, in 1854 it was slavery today run away spending, and if the older parties keep misreading the people they will soon find themselves int he same place as the Whigs and Democrats of 1860: Out of power for a very long time if not kaput. Oh and why didn’t Lincoln win that 1854 vote?

They “deemed” him unelectable.


2 responses to “RINO’s, the GOP and the Tea Party

  1. pyromancer76 September 15, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Excellent analysis. My sense is that something fundamental happened in the 1970s and we, the people and the voters, have been uncertain what to do. What happened exactly? Not sure — but it had to do with our beginning to send our energy dollars out of the country and therefore giving our destiny to others (Obama won both on fraud and an immense amount of funding unaccounted for, much appearing to come from outside the U.S.) Once those dollars and the creative productivity they could fund left the country, it has been downhill ever since.

    Reagan tried to revive the U.S., but two problems prevented fundamental change then. 1) People weren’t ready — we were living in our past glory with memories of lots of affluence; and 2) Conservatives were not ready — too many behavioral rigidities and too many dictatorial tendencies so Americans could not identify as “conservative”.

    Your post likening the chaos that is beginning to follow a Tea Party narrative to the historical situation around Lincoln and the founding of the Republican Party seems like one of the best analyses around. You have helped clarify my thinking. Thanks.

  2. boballab September 15, 2010 at 1:07 pm


    Your right it happened in the 70’s, but the roots go back to the late 40’s. I can make a case for what I believe happened but I would probably have to do it in a separate post because it wasn’t one single issue, but the confluence of many. Here is some of the problems: Unions got to much power, thus killing industries (Saw it first hand growing up in “Steel country”), the power of TV news to influence outcomes, Poor choices by businesses in the 50’s that led to problems in the 70’s.

    Those problems and more interacted to shift the American political landscape and drove Democrats like Reagan from that party to the Republicans.

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