East Coast July

Well I did a post showing the big drop below average temperatures for Southern California, so lets take a look at the East Coast and see how July was there.

Again I used the station data from NASA GISS: http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/station_data/

So lets start with boston Mass:

Well as you can see it was a very hot July in Boston, matter of fact the hottest on record at just over 25° C

Now lets move down the coast to New York City:

Again we see that it was a hot July in the old town but not the record, it only came in second. Also notice unlike Boston with its 1.5° warming trend New york is flat.

Now I wanted use Philadelphia next but the record for the city was just not of the right length, so I ended up using the one for Wilmington Delaware instead:

As shown its the third site in a row that shows a nice hot July, it also starting to show a trend that the further south you go the excursion above average gets less. This past July is in a 4 way tie for third place. Also again it showns no warming trend for July.

So now we move further down I 95 to Washington DC:

The trend as shown in the previous three cities continues with a very warm July but the magnitude above average drops down again with it being in a 3 way tie for 5th place. We aslo see that after no warming trend in july for Wilmington and New York we find one here at 1° C.

Now we move down the coast to Raleigh NC:

Well here we see the trend broken of the magnitude diminshing as we head south, but even though it was an above average July it didn’t make a record, it comes in a tie for second place. It also has a slightly greater then 1° C warming trend for July.

Next we move down the coast to Charleston SC:

Here we see that even though Charleston is above average for July it is only in a tie for number 10. We also see a drop in the warming trend to about .5° C

Now from there we move down to Atlanta:

Here we see again while July was above normal it is not even close to being a record. The record of over 3° C is almost twice as high as this past July. Also notice that there is a very little of a warming trend in Atlanta for July.

Now we move down to Tampa:

In Tampa we again see an above average july but not a record one, we also see a little over a .5° C warming trend.

Now down to our last city, Miami:

Again we see a higher then average July but again not a record one, we also see a slightly higher then .5°C warming trend

So in the end we are seeing a warm July up and down the East Coast but except for Boston not a record event.


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