About That Cabby Stabbing….

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel has a saying: “Don’t let a crises go to waste” and the MSM tries real hard to help him out. Take the stabbing of a New York Cabby who is a muslim and the MSM tying it to conservatives and being against the “Ground Zero” Mosque. Of course they over look the fact that such well-known icons of the left such as Sen Majority leader Harry Reid is against the mosque, but that is just business as usual when the MSM fills out their computerized templates for their stories. However this time trying to exploit this crises is going to backfire big time on them. You see it wasn’t some right-wing wacko attacking a muslim who just happened to be a cabby, nope it was a LEFT WING wacko who attacked a cabby that opposes the “Ground Zero” Mosque who just happens to be a muslim.

How do I know this? Well at least one news organization is actually doing its job of finding what the true facts are:

For one thing, the alleged attacker, Michael Enright, worked with an organization that very much favors the project.

For another, the cabby, Ahmed Sharif, says he’s opposed to it — though Sharif does say that he’s worried that debate over the planned project might have played a role in the attack.
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/the_cabby_attack_VpY81VsHp8ryhO46pIxGzN#ixzz0xjB732Pg

Now if the MSM actually did its job when they first reported the attack on the cabby they would have just reported the facts that a Muslim cab driver was attacked by a white young man (now this is the important part) for REASONS UNKNOWN. Then when the backgrounds, opinions and stances on issues of both men was known then you can report if it was a “hate” crime or not.  Instead they have a template for a white guy that attacks a muslim: It has to be a right-wing wacko and he is doing this out of hate of muslims. From there they try to smear such people as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh for spreading hate using their template story as the brush.

However the truth is now out and will we see the MSM retract their previous stories? Will we now see stories about how the Left Wing supporters of the Mosque are spreading hate against Americans and that they are nothing but vicious and violent individuals? Will they now run stories saying that Nancy Pelosi is stirring this hate (remember it is her that wants to investigate people who are against the mosque including that Muslim cab driver) and due to that is causing the violence?

Why do I doubt they will ever see those type of stories? Oh right they don’t have a template for a left-wing hate crime to just plug names and races into then print out.


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