Coldest July For Los Angeles According to NASA GISS……Station Records


But we never see that press release or headline, however accurate it is.   

First of course the setup: All data used is from NASA GISS and it is there fully adjusted data. You can get the data for yourself here:   

Now I selected the long term records for the 3 major coastal cities of San Francisco in Northern California, Los Angeles and San Diego in Southern California. Then for comparison I pulled up the records for the stations of Hanford in the San Joaquin Valley and Lemon Cove in the Sierra Nevada foothills. An average temperature for the history of each location was determined and used as the baseline for the anomaly’s in the graph. So if a data point is x amount above or below zero on the graph that means it is that much above or below the average temperature for that location.   

So lets start off with San Francisco:   

San Francisco Ca.


As you can see San Francisco is about .6° C above the average for July of 16.59° C. It also shows a warming trend of over 2.5° C for the period 1881 to 2010. So for San Francisco as it stands right now it is not colder then normal but slightly warmer. However did you notice that prior to about 1959 most of the temperatures seemed flat and after that again the temps flattened out? That big jump in 1959 can be seen in every plot of Annual Temps for various California locations I have see so far on the GISS site and I will do a post on that sometime real soon.   

Now we move down the coast to Los Angeles:   


As you can see Los Angeles is about 2.75° C below the average for July of 22.95° C. Matter of fact the graph shows this is the coldest July in the entire instrumental record, just slightly cooler then July 1944. Also notice that there is a basically flat temperature trend for July in Los Angeles. Again you see that big spike in 1959 but you also see another at 1931.   

Further down the coast we get to San Diego:   

San Diego Ca.


As seen here San Diego is about 2.5° C below the average for July of 21.29° C. Just like Los Angeles this is the coldest July in the entire instrumental record even with a 1.1° C warming trend for the month of July starting in 1881. Also you see a temperature spike in 1959 and in 1931 but they are smaller then 2 spikes in the 1990’s and 1 around 2007.   

So we have seen the coast it’s time to look inland with first up Lemon Cove:   

Lemon Cove


Now here we see that Lemon Cove is about .25° C above the average of 27.5° C, so it is very close to average and this location also has a flat trend over the record. Again there is a spike in 1959 but it is very muted compared to the earlier ones and to a spike in what looks like 1930.   

Finally we come to Hanford:   



Here just like in Lemon Cove we see an above average temperature of about .6° over the average of 26.38°. This record also is basically flat in trend (very slight cooling). Again we see the muted ’59 spike and the large ’30-’31 spike.   

So what does this tell us?   

Well something is cooling off Southern California to cause it to be the “COLDEST JULY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA’S HISTORY” but we are not seeing that being bombarded by the MSM like the Russian heat wave or the one that was on the US east coast. Matter of fact watch how the weather presenters on the Weather Channel spend most of their time blocking your view of Southern California and hardly ever mention it.   

Of course this is just weather, but it’s not weather that the MSM can use for the CAGW agenda and it is probably due to the switching from El Nino to La Nina conditons.   

Now this is interesting from AccuWeather:   

It continues to be the summer that never came for many of the coastal areas of California. Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said that the closer you get to the ocean, the more likely you are to see below-average temperatures for much of Southern California.   


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