Science Has Officially Jumped The Shark (at least IMO)

It’s official folks Science as a whole has Jumped the Shark.

How can I come to this conclusion?

Simple. Not one but two studies were done where they tested to see if the phenomena known as “Beer Goggles” really do exist.

‘Beer goggles’ fog up sexual signals

First, a suds-soaked fog diminishes a guy’s ability to detect facial symmetry, a crucial component of what we think of as human beauty. When this sense is dulled, an average-looking face may seem like it belongs to a hottie, suggests research on drunk college kids in the journal Alcohol.

To make matters even worse, another study shows liquor makes guys more likely to misinterpret a friendly female glance as a bold come-on.

“The average guy tends to perceive more women as being sexually interested after a few drinks and be more likely to make mistakes about what a woman feels,” says study co-author Teresa Treat, an associate professor at the University of Iowa whose finding appears in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.

You can read about it here:

So did we really need a study where they showed guys pictures of women sober, have them classify them, get them a buzz on with Vodka, relook at the pictures and find out that the “Beer Goggle” effect is real?

Look if you want to test the Beer Goggle Phenomena just go to your local bar and don’t drink while your pals do. Over the next few hours you will notice that your friends level of “taste” in female companionship falls in proportion to have many beers he has had. Trust me on this I have seen it enough times because I don’t drink alcohol, I went along as the designated driver. We already knew “Beer Goggles” were real because if it wasn’t we never would have come up with the term “Coyote Ugly” to expalin to your friends what happens the morning after.


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