Your Tax Dollars At Work!

There is many things that can only be accomplished by the Federal Government and we the Taxpayer must foot the bill for. The following is not one of them, matter of fact it is down right stupid. What am I talking about? Just the waste of time and money the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (a Part of the Department of Health and Human Services) came up with:  

Tips for Talking to Children & Youth About the Oil Spill Disaster – A Guide for Parents and Educators  

Now this piece of wasted taxpayer money starts out from the premise that all the kids in the US are going to react to the Oil Spill in the Gulf in negative ways:  

 Children and youth may react to the oil spill disaster in many different ways. Some may have reactions very soon; others may do fine for weeks or months and then begin to show troubling behavior. Knowing the signs that are common at different ages can help parents, caregivers, and teachers recognize problems and respond appropriately.  

Notice these are all negative consequences some sooner others later, but all negative. Not one single kid will ever have a positive reaction such as wanting to become a scientist that invents a way to generate power without using oil, or comes up with an other ways to reduced or eliminate oil use due to seeing the oil spill. Nope not one will go well that sucks for the people living there, but now that they are getting things cleaned up they can get back to living their normal lives. Nope, all of them sooner or later are going to breakdown because oil spilled into the gulf. Lets see what the breakdowns are for the various age groups:  

Preschool Age   

Children ages 1–5 find it particularly hard to adjust to change and loss. These youngsters have not yet developed their own coping skills, so they depend on parents, family members, and teachers to help them through difficult times. 


Very young children may return to an earlier behavioral stage to cope with the stress and loss associated with the oil spill disaster. Preschoolers may resume thumb-sucking or bedwetting, or they may suddenly become afraid of strangers, animals, darkness, or “monsters.” They may cling to a parent or teacher, or become very attached to a place where they feel safe.  

Changes in eating and sleeping habits are also common, as are unexplainable aches and pains. Other symptoms to watch for are disobedience, hyperactivity, speech difficulties, and aggressive or withdrawn behavior.   

Oh Dear God where to start on this mess?  

thumb-sucking? Bedwetting? Afraid of Strangers? Hyperactivity? Darkness and Monsters in the Night?  


Seriously how many 1 year olds have you known that have wet the bed, sucked a thumb, been afraid of the dark or monsters in the closet? Has there ever been a 3-year-old that hasn’t been hyperactive? This entire list of so-called “symptoms” is nothing more than run of the mill stuff for kids growing up, this is nothing new. Really how many 1 year olds watch the fricking news? Seasme Street yes, the CBS evening news with Katie Couric no (I know bad example, most people not just preschoolers don’t watch the CBS evening news). We actually pay taxes for this drivel!   

Early Childhood  

Children ages 5–11 may have some of the same reactions that younger children have. They also may withdraw from playgroups and friends, compete more for the attention of parents, fear going to school, allow school performance to drop, become aggressive, or find it hard to concentrate. These children may return to more childish behaviors, such as asking to be fed or dressed.  

Fear of going to school? Withdraw from playgroups and friends? Compete for more attention from parents? Allow school performance to drop? 


Sigh again these are things many of us adults have experienced growing up. Why is it the oil spills fault little Billy fears going to school and not the class bully that beats the shit out of him during recess everyday? Why is it the spills fault that little Billy had a fight with his playmates and is not talking to them (at least for that week)? Why is it the spills fault that little Billy is feeling like his little brother or sister is getting more attention from his parents then he is? Why is it the spills fault that little Billy already understands that 2+2=4 and finds it boring as hell to sit all day in class while the teacher trys to teach that to the future climatologists of the world who believe 2+2=5? Or maybe little Billy is a future climatologist and can’t grasp the concept that 2+2=4 not 5?  


Children and youth ages 12–18 are likely to have vague physical complaints when under stress, and they may abandon chores, school work, or other responsibilities that they previously handled. Although some may compete vigorously for attention from parents and teachers, they also may withdraw, resist authority, become disruptive or aggressive at home or in the classroom, or begin to experiment with high-risk behaviors, such as alcohol or drug use.  

Abandon Chores, School Work or other responsibilities? Still competing for attention from parents? Resist Authority? Become disruptive at home and school? experiment with drugs and/or Alcohol? 
Now the other sections were bad but this section is the worst for the simple reason of: Haven’t these people never heard the term Teenage Rebellion? Since it seems they haven’t I’ll help them out:
 Temple University psychologist Laurence Steinberg suggests that “competing systems within the brain make adolescents more susceptible to engaging in risky or dangerous behavior.”[1] He argues that social programs and measures discouraging youth from taking part in risky behavior (such as drug and alcohol abuse, reckless driving, and unsafe sex) have been largely ineffective.




Hmm so Teenagers were doing risky things before the oil spill, so tell me again why them doing risky things after the oil spill is caused by the spill again? Also of course no Teen ever refused to clean his room before, or quit his paper route, or defy his parents or get into fights with his/her siblings. Nope they were all perfect angels until the oil spill came along!
So what is the governments answer to all this?
Well talk to the kids and restrict their exposure to the news (Seriously as a kid how many time did you say to your friends “sorry have to rush home the news is on”) and if that doesn’t work run to the nearest shrink to get a bunch of pills.
Now that was bad enough but they were not content to just waste your tax dollars on that they also need to make a separate PDF on just how to deal with this:
or if Joe or jane Six Pack living in Kansas couldn’t cope: 

Keep in mind these documents weren’t made for just the people down at the Gulf but the General public at large:
Tips for Parents and Teachers
Tips for Talking to Children & Youth About the Oil Spill Disaster – A Guide for Parents and Educators

Tips for Talking to Children & Youth About the Oil Spill Disaster – Interventions at Home for Preschoolers to Adolescents  


Tips for the General Public

Tips for Coping with the Oil Spill Disaster – Managing Your Stress  

Tips for Dealing with Grief Due to the Oil Spill Disaster  

Now down at the bottom of the page they finally got something specifically for someone effected by the spill:
 You can find the page here:  




Tips for Emergency Response Workers

Tips for Oil Spill Disaster Response Workers – Possible Signs of Alcohol and Substance Abuse  

Tips for Oil Spill Disaster Response Workers – Managing and Preventing Stress for Managers and Workers  

What a colossal waste of time and taxpayer money.  

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