Black Tea Party Members and The MSM Silence

Not that many days ago a group of Conservatives that happen to be also black and members of the Tea Party Express (or affialiated in some way), held a news conference. How did I know this? Well it wasn’t from the MSM let me tell you, I found out from a video clip on a Canadian blog about it. So how many MSM outlets carried this? Well when I looked up “Tea Party Express” on Google  I got this under News “Tea Party Express”:

Black conservatives say ‘tea party’ isn’t racist‎ – Los Angeles Times314 related articles »

Now the La Times is an MSM outlet but I’m on the east coast, also it says there is 314 related articles but when I clicked on that I got just 2 pages of links, the others are not to Googles immediate liking, something about being omitted because they are similar.

So who did have articles besides the LA Times and were MSM outlets? CNN International, Fox News and AP. Thats right just 4 MSM outlets carried this. Now if the AP has the story it means it went out to every MSM outlet over their news wire and except for the ones mentioned the MSM outlets ignored the story. Outlets such as the Boston Globe, NYT’s, WAPO and MSNBC have all ran stories about how racist the Tea Parties are, painting the movement as an all white racist movement. Well here was evidence it wasn’t and what did they do? Buried their collective heads in their A*^&# again, black conservatives goes against their left wing agenda you know and heaven forbid actually showing the truth and presenting facts.

So lets look at eachs coverage:

CNN’s coverage deals with the movement and as I read it is a very fair, fact based piece not roaming into editoralizing or opinion o the writer.

LA Times coverage reads more like a sports report of a fight between the NAACP and the Tea Party.

Fox News coverage is very much like the CNN piece, in that they are not asking NAACP for their take, but just asking the people at the news conference why they are doing this.

AP’s coverage is the worst. BAsically they said they were there, gave a superficial overview of it then tried to run to the NAACP and the White House for their side but got a no comment.

Of the four the CNN and Fox News pieces were the best because they asked questions of the participants and dealt with the Tea Party’s position on Racism and on Policies, The LA Times and the AP looked more like high school gossips trying to get a “she said this about you” fight going then presenting news.

However I think the video clip is the best thing to see:

H/T to SDA

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