The owner/operator of Stories OnLine has started a new site called FineStories, with the major difference between the sites being that the stories on Finestories may not contain explict sex:

2010-07-05 : We started a new site 🙂
Head on over to and give it a try.
The new site uses storiesonline’s engine, so things will look very familiar. The site is just starting out, so it’s kind of empty.
It will be in the beta stage until the end of the year. Until then, all features are available to everybody.
Try it out and if you find something not working correctly, let us know through the webmaster link.
The difference between Finestories and storiesonline is that stories on Finestories may not contain explicit sex.

From the context the “may not” sounds more like a “can not”, I get from applying a little logic to it: Why make a different site if it will allow the explicit sex scenes as the original does.

As of right now it doesn’t have the vast library that SOL has but I have seen some old favorites of mine on the new sight such as 3 stories from the “Worlds of Light” universe by Sea-Life.

So as it stands right now Finestories lets you have full options (what you would have to pay for on SOL) by just registering until the end of the year, so it might be a good site to check out


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