From The Hypocrisy Department: Part Deux!

As most know by now the Obama Administration has sued the state of Arizona over their state law that calls for state and local law enforcement officials to check for immigration status under certain conditions:

  1. The person/persons involved must have been stopped for another criminal or civic violation, such as speeding, not wearing a seat belt, robbing a liquor store, raping a girl, kidnapping a person or murdering a rancher.
  2. The law enforcement official must still after that have a reasonable suspicion that the person might be in the state illegally.

Now everyone expected the Obama administration, in its naked grab for the illegal immigrant vote after they try to ram through amnesty legislation, to sue based on “Racial Profiling”.

However a funny thing happened on the way to the court room: It seems that once the professional lawyers got involved they explained, probably in words of one syllable, to the pretend lawyers such as Eric Holder that the Judge that heard the case would laugh them out of the court room since that argument was very weak. So instead of calling the whole thing off, the “Mensa’s” surrounding Obama and Holder came up with the bright idea that they could sue them on the grounds that by passing this law having state law enforcement enforcing the FEDERAL law dealing with illegal immigration it somehow interferes with the Fed’s ability to enforce the FEDERAL law, by actually pointing out illegal immigrants to the appropriate Federal agencies and actually enforcing the law thus causing the Federal Government to actually do its job of sending the criminals back to their country of origin. Oh for the libtards that might see this: every illegal immigrant is a criminal because being in the country illegally is a criminal act, that is why it’s illegal. There is no such thing as a law abiding illegal immigrant, they are breaking the law by just being in the country therefore they are not abiding by the law.

Now that hypocritical stupidity is bad enough but lets put it into full context. There is over 40 cities and counties in the US that are so called sanctuary cities as reported by the LA Times. These city and counties have passed laws that prohibit local law enforcement officials from reporting a person is illegal to the Feds. Now that is interfering with the ability of the Federal Government with enforcing the law and what those so called “sanctuary” cities are doing is illegal as per the law signed by President Clinton in 1996 as reported by the LA Times:

It says state and local agencies and their officials “may not prohibit or in any way restrict” their employees from “sending” information about a person’s immigration status to the agency then known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service.,0,7894293.story

Now how many of these sanctuary cities have been sued by the Feds? None! So you can blatantly break the law and obstruct the Feds from enforcing it and not get sued, but heaven help you should you make it easier to find illegals. Now that’s the height of hypocrisy and shows that this President has no interest in enforcing the law that he swore an oath to uphold. This combined with the dropping of the case that was won against the New Black Panther party just before sentencing shows that this President should either resign or be impeached and his Attorney General should be charged with corruption and misuse of office and tried.


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