Upside Down Mann Now Turns 180°

For those that don’t know a couple of years ago Dr. Michael Mann of Hockeystick fame used another scientist’s data and ended up with the nickname Upside Down Mann. The problem being was two fold:

1. The person that collected the samples said that they were useless for what Dr. Mann wanted to use them for due to man made disturbances of the lake bed

2. He used the Proxy data upside down. Negative became postive and positive became negative thus garning the title of Upside Down Mann.

Now it turns out that besides using Proxy data upside down he has went a step further: In his latest papers dealing with Puesdo Proxies and RegEM he transposed the Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemispere. In other words he has added a 180° twist.

That is just one of the basic errors found by Dr. Jason Smerdon in his new paper in the Journal of Climate:

Erroneous Model Field Representations in 
Multiple Pseudoproxy Studies: Corrections and Implications


Turns out Mann et al 2005, Mann et al 2007a and Mann et al 2007b might be nothing more then crap all because Dr. Mann can’t figure out with hemisphere is which, once again showing that Dr. Mann is nothing more then an incompetent hack IMO. With the basic statistical mistakes in MBH 98 and 99 you could forgive, you could even forgive his flipping of the varve data as a one off, but now you got this basic mistake. This is a pattern that shows sloppiness in not just methology but in thought process. In most other fields of endevor when you make this many basic mistakes continously you get shown the door, not lauded as someone tops in theit field. I wonder if the results of those studies would have been so favorable to the Teams postion if it was done the correct way? And what if it doesn’t? What if it comes out the complete opposite? That calls into question of was it a true mistake in the first place, not just this time but all the other times or was it deliberate to get a certain result.  That would lend more credence to the position that theTteam takes data that doesn’t fit the CAGW narrative and mangles it until it does fit.

So now we need to change his name from Dr. Michael “Upside Down” Mann to Dr. Michael “Upside Down” Mann with a half twist.

Thsis just in the Russia judge has given the “good” Doctor a 2.5, says he made to big of a splash and his form sucks.

You can also get more on this from Die Klimazwiebel here:


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