Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Found this stupidty of our governmnent today. It seems that the TSA  and Homeland Security has placed a 6 year old little girl named Alyssa Thomas on their “No Fly” list. Now you would think that was stupid enough, but oh no, remember this is the US Government so they compounded that stupidity with the position they took when the kids parents asked for her to be removed from the list:

When the family tried to clear up the issue with Homeland Security, they received a letter notifying them that it could not be changed.

“The watch lists are an important layer of security to prevent individuals with known or suspected ties to terrorism from flying,” a TSA spokesman told

This is the same list that let the radical cleric that trained the Ft. Hood terrorist, to leave the US. It’s the same list that let the underwear bomber onto a plane that flew into our country.

Now this is bad enough but we have to add the cherry and whipped cream on top of this piece of pie ala stupid. You see young Alyssa Thomas has been flying all over the place with no problem up until now even though she was on the list.

“She’s been flying since she was two-months old, so that has not been an issue,” said Dr. Thomas. “In fact, we had traveled to Mexico in February and there were no issues at that time.”

So what changed? The new rules put in place since the Underwear Bomber.

Transportation Security Administration told that Alyssa never had any problems before because the “Secure Flight Program” just went into effect in June for all domestic flights.

So lets get this straight, in the past people on the “No Fly” list was allowed to fly even though they were on a list that said they were not allowed to fly. Then the Obama administration comes up with a new policy in response to the Underwear Bomber and it takes them months to implement that policy, all the while still letting people that are not supose to fly to be allowed to fly, and once they do implement it they are stopping 6 year olds from flying because they are on the no fly list. Why is a 6 year old on the list? Because they think the 6 year old  has close ties to terrorist organizations not the parents having ties, they aren’t on the no fly list, the  six year old. Oh really? Let me guess she was just made Al Qeda’s new #3 by Osama. Then when the parents point out the absurdity of this to the government does the government fix their mistake?

Hell no!

They make it worse by saying that once on the list that 6 year old can’t be taken off, thus showing that these people in charge, that are supposed to be protecting us, have an IQ less then a gerbil!

I’m amazed that there haven’t been more successful terrorist attacks using planes if this is the level of competence. Oh no we can’t stop Abdul from flying, go right on board Mr. Abdul, but watch out for Alyssa she might start threatening everyone with her toy from a Happy Meal. Better cuff her and take her into the back and strip search her, and while your at it to play it safe you sould do a cavity search.

Sigh we are doomed if we keep up with this PC crap. It’s ok to keep 6 year olds and elderly Grandmothers from boarding planes, but don’t profile Arabs you might actually catch a Islamic terrorist that way!

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