Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon

It has been sometime since I have had a recommendation for a good read, so as my last post (probably) before my vacation commences I bring you The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon. This is actually an older trilogy of books that has now been combined into one novel that has been issued for the new release set in the same universe Oath of Fealty.

This storyline is centered on a girl, a sheepfarmers daughter, from a very remote village that dreams of becoming a warrior and paladin. This girls name is Paksenarrion (Paks) and the story starts in the first book, Sheepfarmers Daughter, with her running away from home to join a Mercenary Company when her father dowers her to the son of a nearby pig farmer.

From there you follow Paks as she learns that becoming a warrior is not like her day dreams of riding around with a magic sword, on a magic steed, becoming the hero. She quickly finds out all the hard work involved (digging latrine ditches for instances) and the high price (leaving your best friends behind to die, so that you fulfill your duty) the “hero” pays to be the hero.

This is a basic swords/sorcery fantasy story arc. You have Good and Evil Gods opposing each other, Wizards, Elves, Orcs and Knights with multiple kingdoms with various nobles (both hereditary and through merit). You also have various “religious” orders such as the Fellowship of Gird who was founded by a simple farmer that led a successful rebellion against despotic nobles, then gave his life defending the land from minions of an evil god.

To see if you might want to purchase this compilation you can read the first book, Sheepfarmers Daughter, for free at the Baen Free Library:

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