Well I Finally Bought A New Comp….

For those that don’t know (It’s in my first blog post) I’m basically cheap. The computer I started this blog with back not that long ago was a 10 year old Compaq Presario I got from Sears, then I “upgraded” to my 7 year old HP computer when I got a new one for the others in my family. When I did that I put the 40 GB hard drive into that 7 year old HP so thathad more space to save data. So last week that 7 year olf HP gave up the ghost and I had the choice of rebuilding the 10 year old Compaq or getting a new one. Now I was leaning towards just putting the hard drives into that Compaq andf going on (I did say I was cheap!), well it didn’t work out that way.

First you need some background information. The Compaq had a Celeron Processor and that HP had an AMD Semperon in it. When I first got the HP it had a bigger hard drive, more ram and it was suppose to be faster then my Compaq. Now this was back in my Hardcore online gaming days and I didn’t have too many problems with that Celeron, yeah I had to run low graphics but it kept up. Now that HP was nothing but trouble when I tried gaming on it so instead of the old Compaq being the “family” computer (basically used for email, some online research and playing solitare) the HP did. So when we upgraded back in Jan the family computer with a new HP and it too has an AMD chipset and it had problems with the CPU, I was really not looking very favorably on AMD products. Now the thing was that most of the more affordable new computers have AMD CPU’s not the Intels that had the stuff I wanted, so that was why I was going to just stay with the old Compaq, until I saw a sweet little deal from BJ’s. They had a Gateway with an Intel Core 3 processor, 1 TB Hard drive, 6 GB DDR3 (expandable to 8 GB) Ram, HD graphics output and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed on sale for $499 at their store but only $449 if you bought online (shipping included). Sure you needed to buy a monitor separatly but that is not a biggie you can get an HD LCD monitor at a good price, which I did in a Samsung 20″ HD LCD monitor for $130.

The only problems that I had was tracking down a driver so I could use my old Linksys wireless G adapter with it, and I had to get a DVI-D to HDMI cable (The monitor only has DVI-D and VGA inputs and the computer only has VGA and HDMI outputs.

Now after all that we get to the point of this post: So that is the reason I haven’t been posting much because the data was sitting in a dead computer, but I should be back up and running with this new one shortly. Also I wanted to mention that now that I have this HD LCD monitor I can tell you that besides giving a much better picture then my old VGA tube monitor and the colors being way better, it is also much easier on the eyes. I noticed that when looking at this screen for extended perods of time my eyes don’t tire out like they did with the old style monitors. So if you still use and old style monitor you really should invest in at least in a LCD monitor (The new HP has a 20″ LCD monitor, non hd and it is also easier on the eyes) if you can’t run an HD one, it really is worth the money in not getting eyestrain or headaches.


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