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MSNBC: Law Makes ILLEGAL Immigrant A Crime

No I’m not making this up, MSNBC and the brainniacs that read the Liberal Talking Points   err I mean news, didn’t know that the word ILLEGAL means that someone had committed a crime.  So news flash MSNBC it has always been a crime to be an ILLEGAL Immigrant and it wasn’t done with a state law, it is a federal statute. Now I know this is hard for you to understand but stick with me MSNBC, that means its a crime to be an ILLEGAL Immigrant in every state, county, city and town in the USA. Yes even in so called safe haven cities .

However MSNBC is not the only Liberal Propaganda err I mean “news” organization that has a hard time grasping that simple fact, CBS is in the same boat. To read all about it head over to Newsbusters:

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For the full story on MSNBC’s stupidity:

CO2, Blankets, The Surface of the Earth and Pet Peeves

This is something that has bugged me repeatedly and is something of a pet peeve: People keep mistaking the the air above the surface of the Earth as the surface of the Earth and sorry folks but CO2 can not cause the surface of the Earth to get warmer. Even some pretty bright people keep making that mistake and they keep overlooking the basics of thermodynamics, I have even gotten into this with people with physics degrees and every time they pull out equations that show the air above the surface will rise but those equations do not show the surface temp to rise.

Now for the context all this. People like to use a blanket as an analogy for the atmosphere to explain how the atmosphere and CO2 works. However I myself do not like that analogy for this reason: the atmosphere is not a blanket. When was the last time you had a 10 mph blanket current or a thunderstorm in it. Both of those atmospheric phenomena cause energy to be transferred from one place to another. Notice I said energy not heat and for a very good reason while hat is a form of energy not all energy in the atmosphere is in the form of heat, and example of this is the phenomena of lightning. However we will use the blanket analogy since it will show that the idea of a blanket can “warm” and object underneath it is false.

First my background, when I started out in the US Navy I was in their Nuclear Power Program and graduated from the Nuke Power School. Now the first thing you need to know about nuclear power, besides how fission works, is that the whole thing is based on thermodynamics and anyone trained in that program has a very firm grasp on that subject.

You will need a few items if you want to actually run the test instead of a thought experiment. Those items are:

  1. A good sized rock, preferably round but not necessary. You should try to get one about the size of your fist. (Our stand in earth)
  2. A small blow dryer. (Our artificial sun)
  3. 2 towels to wrap the rock in (they act as the “blanket” atmosphere with CO2 in it)
  4. A thermometer that is fast reading. Something that can read temps from a distance (FLIR) would be best.
  5. A timepiece such as a wrist watch.

That is it for materials required, now onto the experiment.

To start measure the temperature of the room you are in and take note of that. Then heat the rock up with the blow dryer until the rock reads 90° F (well above any temperature controlled room). Let the rock sit for 2 mins and then read the temperature. Take note of that temperature and all the others for comparison at at the end of the experiment. Wait 2 more minutes and read the temperature again and keep repeating until the rock reaches room temperature. This would correspond to what would happen to the earth if it had no atmosphere and after the sun sets, and this is also our control for the next step in the experiment.

Reheat the rock back up to 90°F but this time wrap one of the towels around it then repeat what you did before, reading the temperature every two minutes.

Now here is where we answer the question does back radiation from CO2 “warm” the surface of the earth. After 2 minutes after wrapping that rock up there is only three possible outcomes:

  1. The temperature went above 90°F thus warming it (this is the position that everyone that says back radiation from CO2 “warms” the surface is saying technically)
  2. The temperature stayed at 90°F showing neither warming or cooling
  3. The temperature went below 90° F thus the rock cooled.

Now most of us don’t need to actually run the experiment to know the temperature of the rock went down after 2 mins once it was no longer being warmed by the blow dryer. Now what you will notice is that it takes longer for the rock to reach room temperature. Now the question is what happens if I increase our blanket by adding a second towel. This would correspond to a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere. If you actually run the experiment and you wrapped that rock in two towels you will discover two things.

  1. The temperature of the rock still goes down.
  2. Just because you doubled the thickness of the blanket it doesn’t take twice as long for the rock to reach room temperature.

So in conclusion what you find is that a blanket can not “warm” anything, it can only slow down the rate at which something loses its heat and it works the same for CO2. The reason for that goes back to basic thermodynamics: You can’t raise temperature of something without “work” (For those that don’t know “work” is an actual scientific term) and in this case that means adding energy/heat. The work supplied for all the energy/heat in the experiment came from our artificial sun the blow dryer, and you can not get a higher temperature then what it puts into this. Now the actual surface of the earth is a little more complicated. You see besides the work supplied by the sun, it also gets some from the core of the earth, so it also has two sources of energy to raise the temperature. Another difference is that unlike our simple experiment the Sun unlike the blow dryer is always, 24/7 365, putting energy into the earth’s system. Just because it is night where you are, it is daylight somewhere else and sun is raising temperatures there. Now we all know what happens with hot and cold air, Cold air sinks and hot rises and so it also works in the atmosphere. That is where air currents come into play, you can have an air current pulling heat out of an area where the sun is shining and transporting it to an area where the sun has set. The same principal for Thunderstorms, moving and transporting heat/energy.

However when we get back to the concept that CO2 is acting like a blanket and warming the surface of the earth, we have shown that it is false. CO2 is just slowing down heat loss from the surface of the earth, it is not warming it itself since the energy that CO2 “captured” and turns into heat is nothing more then the energy that the Sun and the earths core have put into the system, thus it can never make the surface warmer then those two heat/energy sources cause.

Keep this in mind the air, even one micron above the dirt, is not and has never been the surface of the earth. It’s just the bottom layer of the so called blanket.

Well I Finally Bought A New Comp….

For those that don’t know (It’s in my first blog post) I’m basically cheap. The computer I started this blog with back not that long ago was a 10 year old Compaq Presario I got from Sears, then I “upgraded” to my 7 year old HP computer when I got a new one for the others in my family. When I did that I put the 40 GB hard drive into that 7 year old HP so thathad more space to save data. So last week that 7 year olf HP gave up the ghost and I had the choice of rebuilding the 10 year old Compaq or getting a new one. Now I was leaning towards just putting the hard drives into that Compaq andf going on (I did say I was cheap!), well it didn’t work out that way.

First you need some background information. The Compaq had a Celeron Processor and that HP had an AMD Semperon in it. When I first got the HP it had a bigger hard drive, more ram and it was suppose to be faster then my Compaq. Now this was back in my Hardcore online gaming days and I didn’t have too many problems with that Celeron, yeah I had to run low graphics but it kept up. Now that HP was nothing but trouble when I tried gaming on it so instead of the old Compaq being the “family” computer (basically used for email, some online research and playing solitare) the HP did. So when we upgraded back in Jan the family computer with a new HP and it too has an AMD chipset and it had problems with the CPU, I was really not looking very favorably on AMD products. Now the thing was that most of the more affordable new computers have AMD CPU’s not the Intels that had the stuff I wanted, so that was why I was going to just stay with the old Compaq, until I saw a sweet little deal from BJ’s. They had a Gateway with an Intel Core 3 processor, 1 TB Hard drive, 6 GB DDR3 (expandable to 8 GB) Ram, HD graphics output and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit installed on sale for $499 at their store but only $449 if you bought online (shipping included). Sure you needed to buy a monitor separatly but that is not a biggie you can get an HD LCD monitor at a good price, which I did in a Samsung 20″ HD LCD monitor for $130.

The only problems that I had was tracking down a driver so I could use my old Linksys wireless G adapter with it, and I had to get a DVI-D to HDMI cable (The monitor only has DVI-D and VGA inputs and the computer only has VGA and HDMI outputs.

Now after all that we get to the point of this post: So that is the reason I haven’t been posting much because the data was sitting in a dead computer, but I should be back up and running with this new one shortly. Also I wanted to mention that now that I have this HD LCD monitor I can tell you that besides giving a much better picture then my old VGA tube monitor and the colors being way better, it is also much easier on the eyes. I noticed that when looking at this screen for extended perods of time my eyes don’t tire out like they did with the old style monitors. So if you still use and old style monitor you really should invest in at least in a LCD monitor (The new HP has a 20″ LCD monitor, non hd and it is also easier on the eyes) if you can’t run an HD one, it really is worth the money in not getting eyestrain or headaches.