A Down Under Take On The “Green” Movement

This article by a columnist from Australia hits the “progressive green” nail right on the head, with such illuminating bits such as:

Earth Hour. Could there be a better symbol of this feckless age in which seeming counts for more than doing? In which we pose as noble for having done something as pointless as it’s painless?

If I really thought man’s gases were heating the world so dangerously that, as Al Gore says, “the future of human civilisation is at stake”, I’d feel the call to do more than turn off some lights for just one hour a year.

But, no, on Saturday night, tens of thousands of your fellow citizens made a huge show about how good they were to do for one hour what they couldn’t be bothered doing for the other 8759.

or how about this little beauty:

The results of Earth Hour were just as pitiful as you’d expect, of course.

Power usage in Sydney’s CBD for that one hour went down just 6 per cent (less than last year) which means that when a city of planet savers tries really hard to cut emissions for Earth Hour, it cuts its gases by less than what an average Australian emits in a single year.

Which in turn means that if a single baby was conceived in the frisky dark of Earth Hour, then all those savings are blown to bits.

However thats not the best part IMHO it’s this:

Reality check: anyone not already aware of the great global warming scare?

Now, anyone doing much to actually “stop” it?

Answer: bugger all. Judge that from Quantum Market Research’s annual social survey, undertaken to help advertisers understand what pushes consumers’ buttons.

Quantum divided Australians into five groups, from “Ultra Greens” to Un-Greens”, depending on how they’d “embraced the Green culture”.

No surprise, but the Ultra Greens, “the original tree loving hippies and green peace embracers”, turned out to be perfect specimens of our time.

They were not only the most likely to vote Green and join green groups, but also the most likely to own a four-wheel drive and join frequent flyer clubs.

You can read the whole article here:


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