Make Your Own Space Agency!

All it takes to make your own space agency operational is:

1. A cheap digital camera

2. A SD card loaded in said device in #1

3. A Polystyrene box with a round plexiglass window put into it and sealed.

4. Wrap said box in #3 with Duct Tape.

5. Install a GPS tracking device in said box from #3.

6. Make and attach a cheap parachute to said box from #3.

7. Obtain a full Helium Tank.

8. Obtain a weather ballon and fill it from the said tank in #7.

9. Set timer on cheap camera from #1. Close and latch the box from #3. Attach the filled ballon from #9 and then launch.

10. When the Ballon reaches the edge of space the ballon pops and the box parachutes back to earth. Use the GPS tracking device to locate the box and then download the pictures from the SD card into a computer.

Hmm and how much do we pay NASA to take pictures from up there again?

One response to “Make Your Own Space Agency!

  1. Jones April 7, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    If you won the lottery what would you change about your life?

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