Remember The Dying Lockerbie Bomber? Part Deux!

Ah yes the dying man that only had 3 months to live, seven months ago, and was released on compassionate grounds by the Scottish Authorities. Well we got an update on  Mr Megrahi’s condition from Col Gadafi’s son:

The health of the freed Lockerbie bomber has ‘greatly improved‘ now he is home in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi’s son boasted yesterday.

He said Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi was doing much better since being released seven months ago by the Scots on compassionate grounds because he had ‘only three months to live‘.

In words which will confirm the suspicions of Lockerbie victims’ families, Saif Gaddafi – widely tipped to succeed his father as Libyan leader – also finally admitted that the convicted killer’s release had dominated trade talks with Britain.

This would have included discussions about lucrative oil deals, despite the fact that Megrahi was officially released purely on compassionate grounds. Five months after the release, Libya announced plans to invest £5billion in the UK.

Read more:–seven-months-terrorist-given-months-live.html#ixzz0iXy98K7b

Geez who could have guessed that was what happened and that he wouldn’t have dropped dead after being freed.

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