Sennadar, Subjugation and Spirits

It’s been awhile since I did a post on good reading material (at least IMHO). So in this round I’m going to direct you to who I believe is the best that I have found on the Internet in the genre’s of Fantasy and Sci Fi.

This author started long long ago back in the early 1990’s with a Story Arc that just kept growing. It eventually encompassed 5 books with each book basically with it’s own storyline inside the over arching one.  The name of the series is called the Firestaff and the writer is known as Fel.

Here is an excerpt from Book 1 of the Firestaff Collection, Tower of Sorcery, where we first meet Tarrin Kael a young man that grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, who only had one dream in life: To become a Knight of Karas.

      Tarrin was sitting at the table, watching Eron and Elke dancing on the Green while Jenna checked the arrows she’d used in the archery contest for damage, when the knight’s voice called out.  “What brought an Ungardt to such a secluded place?” he asked curiously, walking up to them.  Tarrin saw that the Sorceress was with him, looking at the siblings with her penetrating gaze.

      “She married father,” Jenna piped in simply.  “Father wanted to live here, and mother came with him.  She says it’s warmer than home.”

      “I would think that it is,” the Sorceress said in a mild, calm voice, touched with amusement.  “You are brother and sister?”

      “Yes ma’am,” Tarrin replied respectfully.

      “I can see the resemblence,” she said.

      “Not many people can,” Jenna said impishly.

      “On the contrary, I cannot see how someone could not see that you share common blood,” the woman countered.  She reached into the bodice of her blue dress, and withdrew an amulet made of ivory.  It was rather unusual, Tarrin noticed, a circle holding a six-pointed star inside it created by two triangles resting over each other in opposite directions.  And inside the six-pointed star was a four-pointed star, its points going in the four compass directions, with concavely curved sides.  At the center of that inner star was a small diamond.  “Do either of you know what this is?” she asked.

      “It’s an amulet,” Jenna replied.

      “Not what it is, child, what the symbol means,” the woman elaborated.

      “No,” they both said, almost in unison.

      “It’s the symbol of my order,” she told them, pulling the chain over her head and holding the ivory object in her hand.  “We call it the shaeram.  It represent the seven spheres of Sorcery.  Earth, air, fire, water, the power of the mind, the power of the Goddess, and the seventh sphere, which is the power of confluence.”

      “Con-flewence?” Jenna repeated.  “I’ve never heard that word.”

      “It means the power of joining, of unity,” she said with a smile.  She held out the amulet to them.  “Here, take it.  Hold it in your hands, and tell me what you feel.”

      Jenna took the ivory amulet and silver chain, holding it in her hands and looking at it.  “Ouch!” she cried, almost dropping it before grabbing it by the chain.  She quickly pawned it off to Tarrin.

      “What’s the matter?” Tarrin asked quickly.

      “It’s hot!” she said loudly.

      “Hot?” Tarrin said.  He put his hand near the amulet.  “I don’t feel any heat,” he said, then he put his hand on it.  The instant he did so, it felt like he’d grabbed a piece of stock out of Master Karn’s forge.  “Ahh!” he hissed, yanking his hand back and shaking it violently to cool it.  “How do you wear this thing without getting branded?” he asked the Sorceress crossly.  Jenna was blowing on her fingers, giving the woman a baleful look.

      “Here, let me see,” she said calmly.  Jenna presented her hands.  Her fingers were red and blistered.  “By the Goddess!” the woman said under her breath.  “Here, you too, Tarrin Kael,” she said, in a commanding voice.  Tarrin held out his hand.

      His skin was severely blistered wherever it touched the ivory.

      “It burned you,” she breathed in surprise.  She put her hand over Tarrin’s seared fingers, and Tarrin suppressed the desire to yank it away when he felt something flow into his hand.  The throbbing pain eased, and then was gone, washed away by some sort of sensation that was warm and icy at the same time, and not entirely pleasant.  She let his hand go, and he gawked at it.  His fingers were smooth, pink skin, and showed no signs that anything had happened to them.

      “How did you do that?” he asked in shock as she took Jenna’s hands in her own.  Jenna yelped and tried to pull away, but the woman’s hands were like steel, holding them in an iron grip.

      “My name is Dolanna Casbane, a katzh-dashi,” she said formally.  “What I just did is called healing, and with practice, it is something that both of you will be able to do someday.”

      They both just stared at her.

      “The young one is a bit too young,” the knight said.

      “No matter,” she replied.  “I’m amazed that neither of them have done anything.  She needs instruction before she has an accident.”  She put the ivory amulet back around her neck, tucking the device back under her bodice.

      “What are you talking about?” Tarrin asked.

      “Both of you, you have tremendous potential,” she said, pursing her lips.  Then she noticed the slightly confused looks she was getting.  “Both of you have the natural talent to be Sorcerers, to be katzh-dashi,” she explained.  “Tremendous potential.  The shaeram burned you.  I have never seen that happen before.”

      Jenna looked at her a bit fearfully.  “What does that mean?”

      “That means that both of you must come to the Tower of Six Spires, in Suld, and undergo formal training,” she replied.  “Soon.  Now.”

      “Now?” Jenna said.  “I can’t just leave!  My parents wouldn’t let me, and I don’t want to go!”

      “Jenna,” Tarrin soothed, “calm down.”  Then he looked at the small woman expectantly.

      “There is no need to look so surprised,” she said gently.  “Nor is there reason to be frightened.  I will speak to your parents, and let them know what has happened.  Then we will all sit down somewhere quiet and discuss what must be done.”

      Tarrin put his arm around Jenna, who had begun to cry, then he pulled her into his arms and comforted her, his own mind tumbling around a numb sensation.  “It was wrong to just blurt it out like that, Dolanna,” the knight berated as the pair left.

      “I was surprised,” she said a bit ruefully, and then their voices were lost in the din.  He didn’t notice the knight stop and look back at them.

      “But I wanted to be a knight,” he said numbly, putting his chin on the top of his sister’s head.

From there Fel takes the reader on a journey, the journey of life and times of Tarrin Kael. You live the high and lows with a young man coming of age and the harsh lessons that he learns along the way. You will see an innocent, highly principled youth get turned into the most feared being on the face of the planet, while deep inside protected from the harsh cruelties of life the innocent youth still remains.

The Firestaff Collection spawned a sequel the Pyrosian Chronicles, but besides the action fantasy Fel also has taken a stroll into Sci Fi with his Subjugation Universe:

Mankind’s first contact with extra-terrestrial life was as dramatic and historical as everyone believed it would be. 

 They were called the Faey, and they came to Earth not as messengers of peace, but as conquerors.

      On March 12th, 2005, they arrived in two immense starships and addressed the peoples of Earth via radio transmission, in every major language, that Earth had two weeks to surrender to the Faey Imperium or face war.  They did not use any show of force or destroy anything to prove their might, for the images that Earth telescopes gave of their two vessels was all the show of force anyone needed.  They were two miles long and nearly three quarters of a mile across, two sleekly designed monstrosities that were so massive that when they entered into Earth orbit, they affected the tides.

      The next day, a lone Faey emissary descended from the vessels above to address the United Nations with the Faey demands, and the global news coverage of the arrival of the emissary caused its own confusion.  The Faey representative, a high-ranking military officer, was a breathtakingly lovely human-looking female with light blue skin and pointed ears.  She did not look like a warlike alien, she did not even look particularly dangerous.  But when she addressed the United Nations, in English, it became quite apparent to everyone watching the globally broadcast event that she was every bit the conqueror.  She was arrogant and condescending, and she made it clear immediately that there would be no negotiation.  The Earth had two weeks to surrender unconditionally or face war.  Earth could either surrender or be conquered, but either way, they would become a part of the Faey Imperium.

      Faced with an enemy vastly superior in technology to their own, the nations of Earth met in the United Nations met for two solid weeks and debated furiously, but such a debate had only one ultimate conclusion.  That conclusion was reached March 26th, 2005, when the Secretary General of the United Nations, Vladimir Kosparivic, formally and officially surrendered on behalf of all the nations of Earth.

      Without firing a shot, without killing a single human being, the Faey Imperium conquered Earth.

      And so, Earth became a farming colony under Faey control.  The second major shock that the natives—as the Faey called them—discovered about their conquerors was that there was much more to them than first believed.  The Faey were a telepathic species, and they used that telepathic power to quickly move in and root out all the resistance movements that had sprung up since their arrival.  All Terran governments were dissolved, replaced by a feudalist system where a Faey noble held absolute power over his or her territory.  At first, the humans held hope that their conquerors could somehow be overthrown, but it was a feeble one.  In two months, the Faey Occupational Forces wiped out every band of organized resistance, leaving the humans with nothing but grim resignation of the lot that had been dealt to them.

This story spawned sequels with more to come.

To read online or download Fel’s oldest works go to this address:

To download Fel’s newest stories visit his site here:

You do not need to register to download Fel’s stories only to take part in the various discussion forums.

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