Paging Rod Serling…..

If you haven’t seen this in the Washington Times yet you need to go read it, I’ll wait:

Undaunted by a rash of scandals over the science underpinning climate change, top climate researchers are plotting to respond with what one scientist involved said needs to be “an outlandishly aggressively partisan approach” to gut the credibility of skeptics.

Amazing isn’t it? It seems that we are living in an episode of the twilight zone.

First these guys can’t get the science right, have to resort to computer programs that “fudges” the data, do neat “tricks” to hide the decline in the proxy data since trees do not make got thermometers and all while advocating a far left wing, global government solution to a problem they haven’t shown. Now they say they are going to use a “partisan approach”.


What you going to come out and admit you guys are far left whacko loons with degrees? No more trading in on the old “we are just scientists telling facts” meme?

I know you are going to call us skeptics deniers to try and paint us as Nazi’s and holocaust deniers… wait you already do that.

How about you are going to try and say we are all part of vast right wing conspiracy in the employ of Exxon/Mobile… wait you already do that too. Oh btw Dr. Erlich and Schneider how is that 100 million dollars Exxon/Mobile gave Stanford for Climate research going?

How about it has to be that the Skeptic scientists are the same ones that deny a link between smoking and lung cancer… wait you do that too already.

How about changing the wikipedia entries on these scientists to say things that are complete BS, while at the same time edit the “science” entries to read only what you want them to read and cover up skeptical papers that show AGW to be false….oh wait you already do that too.

Hmm I know you are going to stick your fingers in your ears, stick youir tongues out at us and say we got COOTIES, that must be it!

Oh Btw Dr. Erlich what ever became of that mass famine and die off in the US back in the 1980’s you predicted, I seem to have missed it and how did that bet with Julian Simon work out for ya?

Word of advice fellas, buy some one way tickets to the most remote place on the planet and go there. After about 30 years come back and maybe the public will have completely forgotton who you clowns are, becasue if you try this you might as well just come out and say AGW is a scam becasue any people still on the fence once they really see you guys for what you really are, are going to definitely turn skeptical.

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