When A Poll Goes Wrong!

There is an old saying about lawyers never asking a witness a question, without first knowing what they are going to answer. The reason for this is because can go seriously wrong from that point if you get an unexpected answer. Well the Knoxville News Sentinel just found this out when a poll of theirs went horrenously wrong on them.

First lets lay the ground work. The University of Tennesse at Knoxville is planning on giving Al Gore and honory degree. After that the above named paper ran an oped opinioning that this was a lovely idea and then blasting people that objected to it:


Now at that point they should have left well enough alone after poking the sleeping dog with a stick but they went and did the stupid thing of asking the people what they think and this is what they got as of 1:30 am EST:


I wonder what their circulation is going to look like in a week.

h/t WUWT and Dr. Svalgaard

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