Remember The Dying Lockerbie Bomber?

Remember the Lockerbie Bomber that was released because he had only 3 months to live? The same terrorist that was so close to deaths door he wasn’t a threat to anyone anymore?  The same guy that got a celebration from the Libyan Government after they promised Obama they wouldn’t? The one release on compassionate grounds supposedly and not because Libya blackmailed the UK?

Well guess what people he ain’t dead, he isn’t on Chemo anymore and his Libyan Doctors say he isn’t getting any closer to dying. This is in an article in the Daily Telegraph, a UK paper. According to them this scum bag is living in luxury in Tripoli and it doesn’t look like he is going to die any time soon.

After reading the article this is what I conclude:

The Doctor, that was paid for by the Libyan Government, lied about not only about how long this guy had to live, but quite possibly if the guy had terminal cancer at all. He was instructed by the Libyans to say he had only 3 months so he qualified for release.

As to the reason he was released: compassionate my ASS. The UK sold out to Libya over Oil plain and simple. If they had any compassion at all it would have been to the Pan Am 103 families and they could have shown it right after this piece of excrement was convicted by taking him outside and putting 2 in the back of his head and burying him in an unmarked grave, however they gave this guy a “life” sentence. I am thinking about emailing everyone of these putzs that freed him with  the definition of what “life” sentence means. It wouldn’t be a long one, and it would probably go something like this:

Sir or Madam:

As demonstrated in the Lockerbie Bomber case, you have a flawed understanding of what a “life” sentence means. So that an episode like this never happens again in the future I ask that you memorize the following sentence: A life sentence means the convict dies inside the prison and only leaves AFTER death.

For some reason I don’t think that is enough so I have a second idea.

To release a scumbag, murdering terrorist on compassionate grounds because he or she is dying, first three conditions must be met:

1. A Doctor or Doctors that work for the families of the victims is the physician/s that decides if the scumbag terrorist meets compassionate grounds not the Doctor paid for by the scumbags government.

2. The closet living relative of the scumbag must takes his or her place in prison.

3. The idiot politician that has more compassion for the scumbag terrorist then his or her victims also must take his/her place in prison.

The relative and the politician will remain in prison until one of two conditions are met:

1. The politician and the relative both die therefore filling the “life” part of the original sentence.

2. The released scumbag dies and is brought back to the country he/she was imprisoned in for autopsy. If the body isn’t brought back or if a substitute body is used, then the relative and the politician must then stay in prison until the guideline 1 is met.

If that was implemented I guarantee you will never see another terrorist released ever again.

As to the UK and Scottish politicians and that doctor I can only wish there is some type of class action case the families of the victims can bring against them since Obama ain’t going to do squat.

2 responses to “Remember The Dying Lockerbie Bomber?

  1. Charles Norrie February 23, 2010 at 2:37 am

    This is a very silly piece of invective of no intellectual merit whatsoever. How many times must I tell people like this who blindly believe that their Government does lie to them that Mr Megrahi did not blow up the Lockerbie plane. It was your CIA who did, together with an Iranian to give the Iranians revenge for the downing of IR-655.

    Never heard of it? Study a little modern history.

    I’m sick to death of idiots like you with their pre-packaged freshly minyed “solutions” and fingers just hovering an inch away from the nuclear trigger.

    You are unfit to be an American or any other sort of citizen. You are despicable scum

  2. boballab February 23, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    Man you are one confused indivual:

    You first state that I blindly believe the Government lies to me:

    who blindly believe that their Government does lie to them

    Then you get upset that I am a proponet of the US Government position that a Libya intellgence agent was involved with the terror plot:

    that Mr Megrahi did not blow up the Lockerbie plane

    Now lets logically look at these two statements:
    I blindly believe the Government is going to lie about that terrorist incident, but somehow I end up believing in it anyway even though I blindly believe the Government is lying about it. Nice logical fallacy there you constructed.

    Then you come up with the CIA did it in conjuction with the Iranians because the Vincennes shot down that Iranian airliner. I can see why the Iranians might be upset about that but really now why would the CIA be looking for revenge over that? Another logical fallacy on your part.

    Then you come up with the best fallacy:

    fingers just hovering an inch away from the nuclear trigger

    Really? My finger is just inches away from the US Nuclear trigger?

    Geez since when was my name Barrack Hussein Obama, that is news to me. I’m sure my mother is proud that I got elected to be President, but is probably a little worried of that really dark tan I seemed to have developed in the last 2 years.

    Now fun and games time are over. I spent 11 years in the US Navy so loonies like you could spew your drivel whenever you wanted, but I’m not in anymore so can now tell you to pull your head out of your ass, quit singing Kumbaya, and go see a doctor about your declining mental health.

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