It’s Official: The National Enquirer In Running For Pulitzer

This is just too funny, the Pulitzer Prize committee has accepted the National Enquirer’s submission for the work they did in breaking the John Edwards scandal. You know the scandal that the NY Times and Washington Post buried their collective heads on and wouldn’t cover until the scandal got to big to ignore? No, not the one with the Communist Green Jobs Czar. No, not the one with the 2 young people exposing ACORN as nothing more then a criminal organization. That’s right the one where the Presidential canidate got his mistress pregnant, tried to pawn the kid off on a staffer and lied his ass off. Just goes to show that there is no more investigative journalism at “mainstream” newspapers anymore.

The NYT and WAPO have drunk so much of the liberal Koolaid that they can’t even recognize that by ignoring these scandals they are just bringing about their own end. I wonder what is going to happen to them when the alarmism from AGW finally completely implodes. The American media has been silent for the most part (outside of Fox and the WSJ), except for some damage control pieces. Unlike the British print media which has been running stories on all the flaws in the UN IPCC 4th assessment report, the American Media has been stunning in their lack of coverage. So when it finally does collapse, what can they say then? This past fall the NYT came out with a bunch of mea culpa’s because of their lack of coverage of Van Jones and ACORN. They, like the rest of media, buried their collective heads until they couldn’t hide it anymore (Jones’ resignation, Congress defunding ACORN).

Their readers who have this warped view of the world did not understand why Van Jones resigned nor why ACORN was defunded. To them it was  a mystery, until they found out how the media kept them in the dark. The NYT’s said that they would start doing what Fox does and keep an eye on the Blogosphere where the Van Jones and ACORN stories broke so they wouldn’t get scooped again. I guess what they meant by that is that they would watch Blogosphere for stories, not to cover them fairly, but to try to be more proactive in cover ups and damage control.

The way the Edwards/Van Jones/ACORN scandals broke was the lid being placed on the coffin for the liberal print media in the US. The coverage of those scandals after they broke was the first nail in the lid. The way they are dealing with the meltdown of AGW is going to be another. 

From a Pew research poll there is this graph which is very revealing:

Notice something in that graph? Thats right both the amount of people that get most of their national and international news fron TV and print is falling and the amount that get it from the Internet is growing. Matter of fact sometime in 2008 the Internet surpassed the print media as the second most used primary source. Now for the really bad news for the print media: That survey was released in Sept 2009, I wonder how their mishandling of Climategate and all the IPCC scandals have effected the trends in that graph.

Now you got the Enquirer in the running for the Pulitzer which is another nail in the coffin. What the Pulitzer committee is telling the print media is not that the Enquirer has risen to the level of the NYT or the WAPO, but they have dropped down to the Enquirer’s level of birdcage liner. Then again if the Enquirer wins the Pulitzer we shouldn’t use it to line the bottom of a bird cage anymore since it would then be the pinnacle of investigative journalism that all will strive for in the US.

So the next time you are standing in the checkout line and see a copy of the Enquirer with an Alien Kidnap or Elvis Baby headline, don’t laugh that might be the next Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper.

h/t SDA

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