Book Three of DoaL goes to Print

My first post in Good Reading Material I mentioned how there is some writers out there that have not been published, I should have said published by the old fashioned Publishing Houses. The author I mentioned before (Wes Boyd) and others some times self publish through places like Lulu.

 That self publishing by internet authors brings me to the next author that hasn’t been published by the old style book companies. The author’s name is Frank Downey, and for most that have spent any amount of time reading stories on the net you have heard of him. For those that haven’t he is one of the “old guard” of Web based stories and is best known for writing the ‘sweetest’ erotic stories on the net. He took Karen Wagner’s classic “Naked In School Universe” in an entirely different direction with a cast of characters that appear basically in serial form across the stories.

However that is not his most famous work, that belongs to his major novel “Dance Of A Lifetime”or as it’s known DoaL. This novel, actually its three, in many ways is one of the “Gold Standards” of web based stories. It has been read, reread and download so many times people have lost count. Recently Frank has announced that the 3rd novel has finally go into print.

So for those that have read DoaL and would like a copy here is the link to order it:

 For those that have never read DoaL before here is the link to it (Beware this link goes to a erotic lit site)

 From there enter the site and select Long Stories.

 Here is an excerpt from DoaL

    Sophia Daniels woke up for school hung over.

   This was not an uncommon occurrence lately.  Still, on a Monday morning, it certainly was a bitch.  Sophia stumbled out of her bed, rubbing her eyes, wishing for a beer.  Of course, there wasn’t any.  She certainly didn’t drink at home.  That would have been just asking for trouble.

   Attending school with a hangover was never one of Sophia’s favorite things to do.  Attending school at all wasn’t high on the list, either. “Ah well,” she sighed to herself as she gathered her books together, “maybe
someone will have some pot or something.  Good ol’ Oceanview High always looks better when I’m stoned, anyhow.”

   She ran out of the house with a cheery “See ya!” to her mom and younger brother and sister–careful not to let her mother get too close.  Bags under the eyes were a warning sign.  She had thought she had done a good job with her makeup, but best to be careful.  Oceanview High was a fairly short walk from her house, but it didn’t seem all that short when the street was spinning.  Plus, it was cold, being as this was Massachusetts and it was January eleventh.  Sophia managed to make it to school in one piece, and, as she had hoped, found a bunch of friends passing around a joint.  “Better,” she thought, “that’s much better.” She’d sleepwalk through her classes, but she did that anyway.  School was such a bore.  She couldn’t wait to be done with it.  The problem was, she had a ways to go. She was a freshman.  Sophia Daniels was 14 years old.

You will also notice that there is other stories there, two of which are not complete (Naked High and Rewind), however his legendary “Naked in School” series is there and complete. You can also go back and read Franks shorter works.


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