How Big Oil Co-Oped the Environmental Movement Part 2

  Okay in Part One I laid out the direction I’m taking this and here in Part 2 we will start laying the foundation and how ‘Big Oil’ was the one putting in that foundation. First we have to deal with a common misconception about ‘multi-national’ corporations and big government: The multi-nationals are pro one world government, always have been, always will be. Just take a look at who backs these ideas for a big centralized government, it is the richest of the rich with ties into the biggest corporations on the planet. Rockefeller and Rothschild are just a few names that one should keep in mind when talking about centralized world government. Now the next part is they know something you don’t and that is: If your the one that is the power behind that big worldwide government you are the one in charge and you call the shots. Remember Big Oil kept losing their overseas oil fields to ‘nationalization’. Think that would have happened if the world was run by a centralized government set up by corporations like Big Oil? I think you can figure that one out. Big Oil would love a UN style world government where the real power would be in the hands of the multinationals. Of course they would make it look like they are the bad guys and that things need to be done to them and not for them, but somehow the laws never seem to work out that way. I will get more into how that plays into AGW in a later part.

 We go back to the 1960’s and here we find ourselves with one movement and two groups that would like to use that movement. One side you have the Intellectual Elites that want a one world government where they make the decisions for those that are intellectually inferior to them. On the other you had Big Oil facing diminishing returns from their investments overseas due to having tin pot dictators overthrowing the governments that for the most part Big Oil bought and paid for and rising demand from their customers back in the western world. What happened was that both these groups found out they had more in common then you would think. The intellectuals gave Big Oil the cover of scientific ‘neutrality’ they needed for getting control of the environmental movement, while Big Oil had the funding that the Intellectuals needed to scare the piss out of people to stampede them into doing something they normally wouldn’t do.

 The question was how do you do it? The intellectuals had been trying to scare people with the ‘population bomb’

 The Population Bomb was a best-selling book written by Paul R. Ehrlich in 1968. It warned of the mass starvation of humans in 1970’s and 1980s due to overpopulation and advocated immediate action to limit population growth. The book also popularized the previously coined term, population bomb.[1] The book has been criticized in recent decades for its alarmist tone and unfilled predictions. Erlich stands by the basic ideas in the book.

but weren’t getting enough traction. It also didn’t meet the needs of Big Oil of getting the environmentalists off their backs or show a case for putting more holes in the ground. What they settled on was Global Cooling and the coming Ice Age. Sounds strange today to hear that and for some they think it is a myth that such a thing even happened. Well it did and most of the “old guard” of the AGW crowd was beating the Global Cooling drum in the 1970’s. The New York Times and Time magazine ran articles about the coming “Ice Age” which actually does have some basis in science. For hundreds of thousands of years the planet has widely swung between periods of warmth and Ice Ages according to the geologists. So Global Cooling was a real possibility and mother nature was cooperating as the temperatures kept falling.,9171,944914,00.html

 The winters got so bad that there was even TV shows hosted by Mr. Spock himself (Leonard Nimoy) telling us we need to get ready for the famines and hardships from the coming Ice Age.

(Please take note that near the end of the third Youtube clip our friend Dr. Stephen Schneider is talking about the possible actions needed to stem Global Cooling and their possible consequences. Watch all three clips then think on what you have been told about Global Warming or as they like to say now Climate Change)

 The question was how to take advantage of this. Well you needed a few things:

 1.  “Independent Scientific Evidence”

 2.  Some type of “Official” body to support the actions you want.

So you needed some type of leader that had connections to policymakers and the big money types. The typical enviromentalist of the time did not fit what was needed and was not going to get invited to lunch with Government honchos and the money men. They needed someone that was already on the inside, a member of the club per se to start championing the environmental cause. You also needed some type of semi official, semi government body and some type of “scientific” organization to provide the evidence you needed for the “leader” to turn to and use.

 That brings us to a man named Maurice Strong and to the University of East Anglia and the Climatic Research Unit. In the next part it is time to look at Maurice Strong, his connections to Big Oil, the UN and how what he has set in motion almost 40 years ago is changing the world today.

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