Another School Principal with no Common Sense

We get this story courtsy of  MSNBC were a Principal wanted to suspend a 9 year old  for……….. Playing with a 2in Lego action figure of a Cop carring a Gun (a 2 in automatic rifle to be more accurate, even tho the artical incorrectly labels it a machine gun)  during lunch recess.

Now that sounds silly enough but the Principal only went after little Tommy because his action figure had a Gun, while another kid had a action figure running around with an Ax. Well the whole thing ended up in front of the Department of Education where we get this silly piece of logic:

The DOE states that all imitation weapons are prohibited because they are regarded as harmful to the school community. The principal can evaluate if the weapon looks realistic before considering suspension.

Helllloooo the toy was 2 inches long, when was the last time you saw a real automatic rifle that was 2 inches long. If the toy is not even in the same galaxy size wise to a real weapon it won’t look realistic! I also can see how a 2 inch Lego gun can be harmful to the school community……AS A CHOKING HAZARD, but not anything else.

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