1635: Tangled Web

This is basically my review of the alternate timeline/history book 1635: Tangled Web, this book is the latest in the 1632 series started by Eric Flint. For anyone that hasn’t read the earlier books in the series this review will not make any sense, also if you have read the earlier books but not these two: 1634: Bavarian Crises and 1635: The Dreeson Affair you won’t understand the review.

The book basically starts out and follows the happenings of the Up-timers from Grantville that were sent as administrators to the Franconian town of Fulda. The second half of the book shifts to center around 3 young Dukes that lost their lands after their father died and are now in the service of Emperor Gustav.

So roughly the first half of the book you are getting the same events that occur in the other two books listed but from the Fulda POV, which at times can get boring where there is nothing different between the stories. The most interesting part to me is when the story focuses on the down time courier Martin Wackernagel and his ups and downs.

The second half of the book basically deals with 3 young nobles that have lost their lands, join up with the Swedish King and are in the army led by Gen. Brahe. Our three young aristocrats fall into the company of the local (and inept) COC where two of the three brothers find love with girls that are inappropriate for them. The eldest is in a relationship with the daughter of the COC chapter head/inn/tavernkeeper. The middle brother falls in love with the daughter of the Calvinist Chaplin to a Company in Brahe’s army. Problem being him and his brother are Lutherans. This section of the book starts out light and turns dark but is all fresh material.

Overall Tangled Web is two short stories that tie together in the middle through a couple of characters in one book. The book is overall dark in nature and IMHO is the darkest so far in the entire 1632 series. As stated earlier there is little new in the beginning of the book, its filling in the story of the Abbot of Fulda brought up in earlier books, but the second half of the story while not of earth shaking significance to the 1632 universe in and of itself, does give you glimpses into up coming major storylines from Eric Flint and the other 1632 authors.

So out of 5 stars I give Tangled Web 3 stars


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