Some times the best stories don’t get published (at least thats my opinion)

I have found that there are many a fine author of fiction, science fiction and fantasy that just post stories on the Internet for free. Some people might not like some of the stuff in the stories but to each his own. In this post I will point you towards one such writer of fiction. Btw there is no gore and no sex every third page in this authors writings, just very interesting characters living in a small town in the middle of nowhere USA. Basically think of Twin Peaks but without the whole FBI guy and dead girl thing going on.

The Authors name is Wes Boyd and the stories he writes are called the Spearfish Lake Tales and can be found here:

Word of warning the story that he is currently posting you won’t really understand until you go back and basically read the first 12 books. Yes I said 12 but don’t despair the book are typically between 30 and 40 chapters only and they are very good reads. Here are the descriptions from my two favorites:

A snake crawls out of a bathroom drain, and a woman kills it with her hair dryer . . . That’s all it takes to set townspeople, media, crooked environmentalists, a country music singer, the federal government and a bunch of dogsledders to getting at each other’s throats. Of course, nothing’s quite normal in Spearfish Lake!

The blonde jogger wore handcuffs! Brenda Hodunk couldn’t believe the sight before her eyes as she jogged down Lakefront Drive. Her new job had already taught her that Spearfish Lake was a little different, but this was a little more different than she had expected. Yet her natural reporter’s instinct smelled story, and she decided she needed to know more about what she’d seen — and it leads her to places and things she never would have believed.

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