Hello world!

Well I decide what the hell, it’s free and it is someplace to put my ramblings on.

First Rambling: Digital Rights Managment (DRM) or as I prefer how to rent what you bought. DRM to me is one dumb idea for electronic media for the simple fact you piss off your customers by:

 First by assuming the customers are nothing more then thieves that would steal the thing if they didn’t put more encryption on it then the nuclear release codes.

Secondly telling them what they can and cannot do with something they bought, up to and including taking it away (If you don’t know Google Kindle + Orwell +1984).

Thats why when I do get e books they are completely DRM free. While it does tend to narrow choices somewhat in the present, but dammit it’s the principle of the thing so my stance is I can live with fewer choices until such time as the rest of the publishing world relents (I think I can outlast them 🙂 ). So basically I’m forced to read Baen Books (ok its not really that forced since I love the 1632 series and the Honorverse) which do not put DRM on any of the books they E publish. Hell they even give away e-books for free.  Yes I did write FREE.

I know what you must be thinking “There has to be a catch!”

Well there is and the catch is that you will like the free books so much you will run out and buy all the rest in the series. So far they have been right, I started out  reading just the free ones. In the last couple of months I bought the Hard Cover of Storm from the Shadows, the E-book Torch of Freedom, the hard cover of Eye of the Storm and a couple of paperbacks. That totals over $100 and I forgot what Heinlein said.

If you want to try the crack err free books out for yourself mosey on over to the Baen Free Library: http://www.baen.com/library/.

But keep in mind what Heinlein wrote:



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