A Day Of Jury Duty…

Just recently I got selected for jury duty for the state circuit court in the county where I live. I dutifully filled out the required forms and sent them in and awaited the day when or if called. That day came yesterday and what followed was the most pitiful excuse of a criminal trial imaginable being run by a group of circus clowns. I’ll walk you through the process and case as it happened that day. Read more of this post

Hurricane Irene

This post will be updated as long as I have power/connection

Well the first major effects from Irene have reached where I live west of Ocean City, MD. The wind has picked up and the rain is starting to come down hard:

I’ll be updating with more pictures as long as I can.

Here is a screencap via Accuweather.com of the Dover AFB Doppler Radar:

You can see the band that went through Ocean City area is now North and West and as the screencap shows is going through the Rehoboth Beach area. The NWS has reported that it might have spawned a tornado in the Rehoboth Beach area.

Also as you can see in the screencap right now Ocean City is sitting in a lull , but there is another band coming through shortly:

The above picture was taken at Noon during the lull.

As you can see from the above screencap the next band is moving in so it’s a wait and see to find out what it delivers.

Here is what we are getting from this band:

Keep in mind these photos are all on the side of the house NOT facing into the wind. Luckily we are about to get another break according to the Dover radar:

I made a short video of what the conditions were like at about 4pm EST:


It’s easier to see how strong the winds and rain are in it.

Here is a video of how strong things got just before the band moved out:


In this video you can see that one of the trees lost it’s top and can be seen on the ground next to the small white shed.

As you can see right now Ocean City is catching a break rain wise but the wind is picking up.

Travel Destination: Yellowstone Day 3

You can find Day 1 here: https://boballab.wordpress.com/2010/08/14/tarvel-destination-yellowstone-day-1/

and Day 2 here: https://boballab.wordpress.com/2010/08/21/travel-destination-yellowstone-day-2/

See what happens when you put off doing the next installment of a series? You get distracted by another project, then another, then real life intrudes and the next thing you know it has been almost a year since you did the trip you are posting about. Oh well that is just the way it goes sometimes, but luckily Mother Nature is co-operating with me by still dumping snow on Yellowstone so what I’m going to post about hasn’t been overtaken by time so to speak.

On Day 3 of our stay at Yellowstone was a day of contrasts.

We started the day out with a Grizzly bear siting just 14 miles into the park and just south of where the west entrance road meets the Grand Loop:

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Growing Your Own Veggies

The inspiration for this post is from a post by EM Smith aka ChiefIO:

FWIW, last night it was in the 40′s F on my patio. Well below “tomato fruit set” temperature minimums. No tomato for that hamburger just yet… The good news is that the sky is clear and the sun is bright today, so it’s still a great day to be out and about.


The La Nina event that is just starting to end has made it a little hard for people on the west coast to get their gardens in, however that same event has made it a pretty good spring for gardening where I live. For whatever reason the severe weather plaguing the country east of the Mississippi river has passed us by. Yes April and early May was a tad on the cool side but the temps have picked up nicely (Mid 80’s this past week) and unlike other eastern states we didn’t have floods from melting snow or the big thunderstorms.

With the weather cooperating and the rising prices of food I reached back to my childhood for what we did then to stretch our budgets: Plant a garden. Unlike back then there is less ground available for planting but also there is less mouths to feed. On top of that unlike my childhood home this house has a nice big deck, with nice long lengths of railing to put planter boxes on. Yes you can grow your own veggies in planter boxes, so for those that live in apartments that have balcony’s you too can grow your own veggies with some restrictions. We also invested in a small 6′ x 8′ greenhouse and hopefully that will extend my growing season for the veggies that can be grown in planters and pots.

So to help EM out since he can’t see his own veggies growing here is some of mine 🙂

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GHCN V3 A First Look

Back around Christmas of 2009 Dr. Tom Peterson of the NCDC let it be known that the GHCN dataset was going through a revision in an Email to Willis Eschenbach. Willis posted what Dr. Peterson had to say in a comment on WUWT and you can read the whole thing there:


However I will copy the pertinent parts that apply to this post here:

They are currently in the process of applying their adjustment procedure to GHCN. Preliminary evaluation appears very, very promising (though of course some very remote stations like St Helena Island (which has a large discontinuity in the middle of its long record due to moving downhill) will not be able to be adjusted using this approach). GHCN is also undergoing a major update with the addition of newly available data. We currently expect to release the new version of GHCN in February or March along with all the processing software and intermediate files which will dramatically increase the transparency of our process and make the job of people like you who evaluate and try to duplicate surface temperature data processing much easier.


We’re doing a lot of evaluation of our new approach to adjusting global temperature data to remove artificial biases but additional eyes are always welcome. So I would encourage you to consider doing additional GHCN evaluations when we release what we are now calling GHCN version 2.5 in, hopefully, February or March of 2010.

Well as we now know what they called then GHCN v2.5 was actually named GHCN v3. Also we know that Dr. Peterson was over optimistic on the release date by over a year since GHCN v3 didn’t go “live” until May 2nd:

 Effective May 2, 2011, the Global Historical Climatology Network-Monthly (GHCN-M) version 3 dataset of monthly mean temperature will replace GHCN-M version 2 as the dataset for operational climate monitoring activities. Although GHCN-M version 2 will continue to be updated with recent observations until June 30, 2011, users are encouraged to begin using GHCN-M version 3.


Now prior to this news release GHCN v3 was available in a beta version and people started comparing the GHCN v3 beta  against GHCN v2 adj, however I held off waiting for the live version before I started looking. There was a couple of reasons for this: Read more of this post

Since When Is An Increase In the Jobless Rate A Sign Of Job Growth?

Today I went and opened up my browser and being the old stick in the mud I am, I still have MSN set as my homepage. Hey what can I say it’s a great way to shake off that sleepy feeling first thing in the morning by seeing the lunacy from MSNBC. As an example of this take a look at this picture and caption from MSN:

Now look at that the US economy revs up job growth and that we have an a bigger than expected rise in jobs created.

Ok I got a question: If that is all true then explain to me how the jobless rate went up to 9% ?

You see, if the jobless rate went up that means you LOST more jobs than you CREATED. That in turn means there is no job growth.

Note to MSNBC: We know you’re in the tank for Obama, but you shouldn’t be so obvious about trying to spin to make the economy look like it is recovering when it is tanking

The Southeast US Has Been Cooling For 115 Years

Here we go again. Whenever there is an outbreak of severe WEATHER, the global warmists try and tie it to “Climate Change”.

First for them WEATHER is not CLIMATE, but even if you could tie  them togethers the facts do not support their assertion that it is getting warmer and causing these outbreaks.

Look at where these Tornadoes occurred: The Southeast US (Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and the Carolinas).

What the warmists are trying to do is tie the long term trend in the Global Temperature Anomaly (GTA) to a regional phenomena, instead of looking at what the long term trend in the regional temperatures are. According to NOAA/NCDC the Southeast US is in a a long term cooling trend:


Now yo can clearly see in this screen shot of NOAA/NCDC’s own information that the long term trend of 115 years is a cooling one. You can also see that this region cycles: From about 190 to about the mid 1930’s it warmed, from then until the mid 70’s it cooled, from there to recently it warmed again. However in the last couple of  years (2007 and on) it has been getting cooler again.

This clearly shows that where the tornadoes occurred the surface air temperature has NOT been warming but cooling.

Do It Yourself Vinyl Planter Boxes

UPDATE: I finally got around taking pictures of the boxes and you can see them at the end of the post.

Have you ever wanted to buy one of those nifty vinyl planter boxes or window boxes that look something like this:


Looks great, doesn’t rot and can be painted the color you want.

Yeah I know the problem is the price tag of over $91 for just one of them.

Well my mother wanted to buy and put some boxes onto her raised deck so that she could have some color on that side of her house. This deck sits about 5.5 ft  up off the ground with a crawl space underneath with lattice-work enclosing that crawl space. Up on the deck she has a collapsible screen porch she puts up each summer that has her deck furniture. When you look out the long side of it you see the deck rail, then the next door neighbor’s house. So a couple of planters attached to the deck would make a nice addition.

Now I’m not the worlds greatest handyman but I knew I could make something decent for her at a fraction of what it would cost her to buy four of those boxes, So off to Lowes  and Home Depot I went and got the materials I needed. I was able to make four (4)  30″L x 5.75″w x 9.25″D boxes. Read more of this post

Corporate Taxes?

Something that alot of people, especially those on the left, espouse in this debate over state and federal budgets is that we need to close “Corporate Tax” loopholes and raise their rates. The people that espouse that either do not understand how business works or they are deliberately trying to mislead people. Here is the dirty little secret about “Corporate taxes”: The money to pay those taxes comes from you the consumer not from the corporations or the “rich” people that own stock in them. You close the so called “loopholes” or raise those rates and all you did was ensure that everything you buy just went up in price, costing you more money. To put it bluntly a corporate tax is nothing more then a VAT once removed.

Here is how things work people:

For a business to stay “in business” they must take in more revenue then they pay out, this  is called a profit margin. The profit margin must be high enough that the people that invested in that company (stockholders) get a return (divided or increase in stock price) they feel is high enough to compensate for their investing (risking the loss of ) money in that corporation.

Now lets put this in simple terms using the largest completely private employer in the world, Wal-Mart, as the example. Read more of this post

Libya Is Not Obama’s Iraq Moment – It’s His Bosnia Moment

Everyone keeps comparing Obama’s military adventure to Iraq and while it is fun it is not the true comparison everyone should be looking at: Clinton’s bombing of the Serbs in 1995 is.

The 1995 NATO bombing in Bosnia and Herzegovina (code-named by NATO Operation Deliberate Force) was a sustained air campaign conducted by the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization to undermine the military capability of the Army of the Republika Srpska which threatened and attacked UN-designated “safe areas” in Bosnia. The operation was carried out between 30 August and 20 September 1995, involving 400 aircraft and 5000 personnel from 15 nations. The operation was commanded by admiral Leighton W. Smith.[2]


The air campaign was key to pressure on Milošević’s Yugoslavia to take part in negotiations that resulted in the Dayton Peace Agreement reached in November 1995.[10


He’s hoping for the same success that Clinton got  just prior and during the 1995 Government Shutdowns: Read more of this post